Coaching, Readings, Consultation.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions all face to face readings and coaching are suspended until further notice.  On line services are still available 


Do you have a problem that you need magical advice on? Need a new lover? A New job would be wonderful, thank you. Somthing blocking your way to happiness? Consult the West Berkshire Witch. Book an on line consultation where we will work out your problem and the best way to deal with it magically. After the consultation I will send you, through the post, all that you need. A bespoke personalised spell, a hand blessed talisman, or that special mix of herbs to help you on your way. £50.00

Just fill in the form and if I feel I can help you I’ll be in touch to make a on-line appointment.


Tarot Card Reading – Please email in on the above form to check availability. 

Using the Tarot cards and my Psychic ability’s, I’ll help you to answer questions about your life, your future, your finances and your love life £25.00 per person for an hours reading. 

Crystal Healing – Please email in discuss the start of your healing   Due to Covid restrictions in the UK only distance healing is currently available. 

Using the power of Crystal’s, heal your emotional and physical body.  As well as using crystals, I can also add in Reiki healing. £20.00

One to one Spiritual Coaching – Please email in to book your appointment

An hours worth of one to one Spiritual coaching.  Helping you to find your own way along your path.  Schooled in Western Monastic principles and Eastern Traditions, as well as a practitioner of the ancient craft’s, allow me to help you connect to your own inner truths and peace. £20.00 per hour

Terms and Conditions

1, Tarot readings and Coaching are open to all, no matter what your location, gender, sexuality, race but you must be 18 years old or above. Consultations are only open to UK residents aged 18 years or above, due to international posting restrictions. 2, To compile with currant UK legislation I have to state that all Services (Consultations, Reading’s) are proved for entertainment purposes only, if your chose to act on any advice given, you do so at your own risk. 3, Payment for Consultation is made by PayPal Invoice. A Booking will not be confirmed until payment has been received. 4, If you need to reschedule a booking then I require 24hrs notice. 5, Refunds may be given if we fail to reschedule a booking. 6, Once the consultation process has started moneys are not refundable. 7, For Physical and Mental health advice, consult with trained medical experts. 8, West Berkshire Witch is an equal opportunity service, any verbal abuse will not be tolerated and the consultation process will end. 9, Personal data is not held in any form, written or electrical after the end of the process. No personal data will be passed on to a third party. If you would like to sign up for the email news letter and blog post notifications please use the form on the Home page. Mailchimp complies with currant GDPR legislation. 10, Results of any spell work, blessings, talisman, charms, herb sachets, herbal bath’s are not guaranteed, results will varies from client to client. 11, I hold to the Witch’s 3 rules and will not give out information or Spell workings to hex or harm. 12, I am qualified in Life purpose and Spiritual coaching, copies of my qualification’s can be provided on request. 13, I am a qualified Reiki healer, copies of my qualifications and lineage can be provided on request. 14, My aim is to provide the best, professional service so I can to help you further your own goals and development. You may be required to complete written assessments and home work as part of your side of any coaching or consultation process. You are expected to complete any assignments before are next appointment, as not completing them slows down the process and wastes my time and yours. 15, Spell items are sent to you via the Royal Mail, please allow 3 weeks for item to arrive after the consultation. This is so that I can prepare your bespoke spell, talisman, charm, and allows the Postman to do his best to get it to you. All items will be sent “Tracked mail” so we can keep an eye on them during the postage journey. If your item requires a full moon blessing, it will be sent to you as soon as I can get it in to the post after the next full moon. 16, Any herbal based items, wash’s, potions are not to be eaten and MUST NOT be consumed. Any safety information need will be given in the fact sheet accompanying your item. 17, Depending on the best type of help you may need, you may be required to burn a candle or use hot charcoal pucks. Please make sure that all adequate safety measures are taken before you undertake any such work. Never leave a burning puck or lit candle unattended.