26th December 2020

Good morning witches! well as the last of the mince pies get eaten and the outside bin is over flowing with bags of wrapping paper, and you’ve already had an Amazon blitz with the Christmas money, well I have anyway. Books! I’ve got books on order! So what happens now?… Read more“26th December 2020”

19th December 2020

Good Morning Witch’s! Ok first off this week I’m going to have a little rant. One of my pet peeve’s on the world of social media (more of FB then others) are members of a group, usually new members, who’s first comment’s are….”I’m new to the path, what does it… Read more“19th December 2020”

12 December 2020

Good morning witch’s! Hope you’ve all had a blessed week. I’m knackered (old English meaning physically tiered). To be honest I’ve not been sleeping well these last few nights and i think today it’s going to catch up with me. I’ve had the week off work and it could be… Read more“12 December 2020”