20th February 2021

Good Morning witch’s! Well it’s over! This Mercury Retrograde officially ends today! Although there is always a little energy overspill before and after. I don’t know about you but this one had really put a big downer on life and I’m glad now that life can settle down for a… Read more“20th February 2021”

13th February 2021

Good morning Witch’s! Brrr it’s still cold! and to make life a little more intresting in the caravan my water pipes have frozen! The joys of outside living. Lucky for me that it’s the rubber pipe from the outside water butt that is frozen so when things warm up in… Read more“13th February 2021”

6th February 2021

Good morning witch’s Now this little hiccup happened this week, and it threw me for a couple of days. During our Imbolc zoom moot one of our little group of 4 asked to read out a prayer, which is wonderful and we fully support others in our little group sharing… Read more“6th February 2021”

30th January 2021

Good morning Witch’s Well it’s here, well almost. Imbolc! The first celebration of the new year, and it’s been a long time in coming believe me! Mid Winter, when the Crone is reborn as the Maidan. One thing I’d never noticed before, as I’ve been doing research in to this… Read more“30th January 2021”

24th January 2021

Good morning witches! By heck that’s a bit chilly this morning! But lovely to see some snow, a nice timing as well as we look towards Imbolc and the return of the warmth and the start of spring Just little bit of house keeping to start off with, mine and… Read more“24th January 2021”

26th December 2020

Good morning witches! well as the last of the mince pies get eaten and the outside bin is over flowing with bags of wrapping paper, and you’ve already had an Amazon blitz with the Christmas money, well I have anyway. Books! I’ve got books on order! So what happens now?… Read more“26th December 2020”