Through out my currant time I have always been drawn to Spiritual work, but it’s taken me a long time and many turns on my path to find my home.

Like a lot of people born in the early 70’s I was brought up in the Church of England and right up until my mid 20’s that was my spiritual path.  Including spending time in Holy Orders as a Novice Monk.  Although I wasn’t destined to fore fill that calling I am grateful for the time I had in the Monastery.  Here I learnt the importance of silence, of being in the moment, of grounding and  it’s where I first learnt to Meditate.  I will always be thankfully to Fr. Antony, of blessed memory, for sharing this gift with me.  I also leant how to sing plan song, the chanting used for Psalms.  The beauty of Sacred music of all flavours and how to bring your Spiritual passions in to your daily life, so that you can fully live your best life.

Since 2009 I have been walking along the Spiritualist Path.  Leaning how to do energy work, healing, Psychic and Mediumship Skills.  I gave my fist public readings in Belfast in 2011.  I’m a Reiki Master, Crystal healer, Tarot reader and working Psychic, often having a stall in the Mind, Body, Spirit fairs in the South of England.

In 2019 I started down the Witch Path, as I recognised that the Spiritualist Church’s we’re not offering what I needed at this time and I knew there was more to learn.  Since then I have been learning and studying the Path of the Witch.

I am a solitary witch, although I am part of a “union” of Solitary witches here in the South of England.  We’re not a coven, as we don’t have a governing system with a High Priestess.  We  work individual and come together on the Sabbats to celebrate, learn from each other and support each other.

In 2020 my home situation changed, but thanks to Covid, the intended move up country hasn’t happened, although this has been put on hold for the foreseeable, I will try my best to follow where the Goddess leads me, and if she wants me to finish the move then the right way to do it will present it’s self.   Till then I am happy settled in the wonderful West Berkshire country side where I’m lucky enough to have woodland and open fields to walk in and be in touch with mother nature daily.

I am also a out proud gay male witch.  Yes men are called witches’ too.   The Witch traditions means me and my kind are not discriminated against and I feel that I have now at last found my spiritual home.

This site is so that I can share my truths and my stories about how I got here, how I practice and to encourage other people to find there own path and how to navigate it in this modern world.

Blessed be