2nd January 2022 Good bye 2021

Saying Goodbye to 2021. Yule

Good morning witches!

The clock has chimed, the fireworks went bang and a new calendar has been nailed to the wall. Welcome 2022. In a couple of days time we all start back on the daily grind, head back to work, back to school. As we look out for the returning of the morning sun and the warmth of the spring months, the wheel of the year carrys on turning and we start to work towards Imbolc.

One thing I have noticed over the last couple of weeks is that I feel a little bit disconnected from my craft and the Goddess. And on this New Moon night (Sunday 2nd) I’ve got in mind that as well as back to the business of life I need to foster my connection to the Universe. It’s easy down when we’re distracted for 5 mins with the hullabulo of a Western Christmas, even more so when we’ve still got Covid worries on was it safe to go to that party etc but now is a perfect time to spend a little time on reconnecting with the Ancestors and the magical engines around us.

What ever the reason it’s easy to be unintentional knocked of the path for a little bit. I’m just coming out of a mental health rabbit hole (that I didn’t notice I was in till a few days ago) so I know it’s important for me to take a moment to give myself some spiritual self love. Their are as many way’s to do this as their are witches. I”m not a great believer in ritual baths, way to many times my little bag of herbs split and you end up having to pull out soggy leafs from the plug hole, and if you’ve ever accidental sat on a Quartz Point when you get in to the bath then you know that’s not the type of energy intervention you where really looking for.

It’s to cold and wet outside to do any type of moon gazing, sky clad or other wise, so that’s out for this time of year.

So I’m going to do a little indoor ritual that will help me to reconnect with the Spiritual and with my Goddess

Ritual to reconnect with Hekate

1 black candle

Lavendar incense

Cup of herbal tea

Journal and pen

something to symbolise the Goddess

Just a quick note on herbal teas. I have to be carful about the tea’s that I use. Because of the blood pressure meds, anything with Hibiscus in it is out, so I usually go for a branded camomile and honey blend for most things as I know it’s safe for me to use.

You can dress your candle with oil’s if you wish, as I want this to be a act of reverence I would us a high altar oil or love oil something that will help make it a spiritual experience.

I chose Lavender incense as I’m connecting in to the Goddess Hekate and I know that it’s something that she likes. Likewise I’ll have an old key talisman (made for me by a good friend) to represent her during the Ritual.

Once you’ve lite the candle and incense, had a sip of tea and are feeling a bit chilled and relaxed, take up your journal and evoke the Goddess

Blessed Hekate, Great Mother, I am grateful for Your presence in my life.

I implore You, attend this rite.

Great Hekate, who spins the web of the stars and governs the spiral of life.

I welcome you as Guardian, Queen of the Under World,
I welcome you as Guide of the Middle World,
I welcome you as Gatekeeper of the Mysteries.

I honor You as the Guardian of the Crossroads of the Middle World, the Universal Key Holder,

And seek Your guidance along my earth-bound journey.

Sit quietly for a moment or two and the write in to your journal anything that comes in to your mind. It can be a poem, a letter to the Goddess, a story, it could be a picture that you need to draw, just put down on to paper what you see and feel.

When you’ve finished thank the Goddess for her help and close the Ritual

Mother Goddess I thank you for your help and guidance. Help me to see the things I ought to see and to feel that which is only truth. So mote it be

I hope this little Ritual that I use, helps you as you reconnect to your path at the start of the year. Have a blessed week. Laters Witches!

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