19th December 2021 Masc for Masc?

Good Morning witches! This week on my week off I’ve been learning all about the concept of the Divine Masculine. I will freely admit that I ran out of patience with the course I was doing but it was still well worth doing. It’s also brought up lots of undealt with emotions and past trauma’s’ that I didn’t realise that I had.

Now the first thing you have to get you head around when dealing with the energy of the divine masculine and divine feminine is that it isn’t about gender……but it is…..and it isn’t…..and it is. I’ve still not got it settled in my own head, and that’s mostly because of the western worlds emphasis on the role of men and women and the behavioural traits that we thrust on to those roles. It is a hard concept to wrap your head around but well worth having ago at. If for no other reason then the mind fuck of trying to unpack these things.

Now once you’ve separated the Masculine from the male role, I’m still not sure that I agree with the concept. For me all energy comes from source, the divine, chi, love, what ever you want to call it and to properly use that energy you have too understand that the energy its self is non binary, not positive, not negative – energy it’s self just is. Full of divine and eternal love, peace, balance and righteous justice.

It’s our intent that makes it positive or negative. There for it’s our own inner energy that will turn it masculine or feminine. Like those of us who are Reiki attuned, you call down the energy, pass it through your aura where the symbols where implanted during your attunement that then turns it in to healing energy. I see the whole of energy work like that. You call down the energy and your inner energy or your attunements or the tools your using turn it in to what ever you need it to be at that time.

I don’t agree that their is a untapped source of masculine and feminine energy floating out in the universe for us to tap in to. And to be channeling it for your own ends and then blaming it for something that’s gone wrong is just another way to avoid personal responsibility. It’s your own intention and energy patterns that fucked it up my dear, not the energy from source. The only way you could be channaling pure Masculine or pure feminine energy is by linking in with something that has those traits, so your tapping in to a deity, or highly evolved spirit or something really nasty.

So what your really tapping in to is your own inner energy. The source of divine Masculine or Divine feminine is in fact your own inner energy not pure source energy. So if you display toxic Masculine or Feminine traits then you need to look no further then your own soul and perhaps the life purpose for this life time, the lessions you came to learn and the universal truths you came to master. And that makes it your own problem to fix, and you can stop looking to the Divine to blame for your own problems.

I think the best example of this our the queens on drag race. They are channeling their own inner energy after years and years of being smacked down, bullied, fighting with their inner demons and the injustices of this world. They have done the work to know who they truly are and then use source energy to spread that love and understanding. To stand up and say this is the true me, the inner me, this is my spirit, is a awesome thing to do. And to have aligned your inner energy with the pure love source energy is remarkable in this day and age.

You can channel Masculine energy from the male deity’s. But that’s because they in their own way are channeling the source energy through their own filters and personal energy. But then it’s your choice about who you ask to work with. Just because a dirty has turned up to work with you, doesn’t mean that you have to. If the energy they have does not work with your life purpose then you are allowed to ask them to move on. As I’ve blogged recently I’ve got a gaggle of wonderful lady’s around me at the moment and I’m starting to understand one of the reason’s why I have them. I have been repressing my own inner feminine for far to long and they are here to help me bring back in to balance my own energy’s. I know why I have been doing it, it’s so that I wasn’t bullied and I could push back when some one attacked me for being gay. It’s was a defensive attitude, which in it’s self isn’t wrong but when you get to the point of using it to build walls to block out everything because it was easier then having to deal with people, then it becomes a problem. Yes I’m prickly and it takes a long time before I’ll allow you to know me and I can seem cold and aloof but that was because it was the best non violent defensive stance for me. It was the best way I knew as a teenager to protect myself from the threat’s and negative energy I had to deal with in my life at the time and it just stuck. I forgot to change my defensive stances as I moved through life and learnt more. I know that now and have started to do the work I need to do on that.

So Divine Masculine / Feminine…not so much. Inner Masculine / Feminine absolutely, Some are learnt behaviours, some are soul patterns but all need to be challenged and assessed. So that you can reach a state of balance and enlightenment for the benefit of all. Cause if your happy and positive in your inner self that shows and radiates to the outside world and that’s how you change the world for the better.

Tonight (Sunday) is the full cold moon, marking the middle of winter. In a few days will be the equinox, the point of balance and we celebrate the rebirth of the sun as the days slowly start to get longer and warmer. From Yule to Imbolc we can start to take the lessons learned between Samhain and Yule to start to manifest our plans and workings for the coming year. 2022 for me will be the start of turning my life around so that I can become the friendlier, inner happy person that I know I am and start to show that to the world. At least to give it a good go anyway.

What ever your plans for Yule I hope you all have a wonderful festive session with loved ones, remember to keep safe, have a blessed Yule.

Laters witches

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