12th December 2021 Run up to Yule .02

Good Morning Witches! Well it has definitely been one of those weeks this week. Some times it feels that every thing is sent to try you and you start to wonder what you have done to piss off the Goddess to have to deal with these things. Some times it’s the small things that can tip the week over. But both headlight blubs blowing out in the same week is a bit much. But thankfully I make sure that I have spares with me in the Van, so just a quick fiddle around with dust caps and all is well. Not a major job and one that I can do myself but it was enough to make the week have a bad feel about it. It was just somthing else to have to be dealt with when I had a busy enough week as it was.

But this week is my last week off from work before the holidays and as usual I have a course to do, which I started yesterday. It’s on a subject that I find hard to deal with, which is why I wanted to do it and just after doing one module of it I know I’m going to struggle. I’ll let you know how it goes.

As where on the run up to Yule and the end of the Witching year now is a good time to spend some time in contemplation and look back on the year. What went well, what didn’t, what needs to be changed and what needs to be looked after better. What needs to be encouraged and what needs chucking in to the fuck it bucket. What have I learned and what needs looking at again and what needs to be written up in to the Book of Life.

This past year I have concentrated on personal development and why’s in which I can manage my anxiety better. I understand now what some of my original triggers are and how to manage them. I’ve worked back down the time line healing past traumas’, well as much as you can when the other people involved won’t engage, some of those are going to have to go in to the fuck it bucket labelled “I did try to make it better” then at least I can move in to 2022 knowing that I did try and if they don’t want to engage and come with me then that’s up to them.

2022 I hope will be the year when I can prep to move forward in confidence and just for once have an idea of what the hell I’m trying to do, or at least have a sense of what I’m at.

I hope your reflection time helps you to come up with the things that you need to be able to move forward in peace and to find a happier you and allow yourself to be try to your self.

Now that I’ve done some of the work I needed to do, you’ll find it hard to truly move forward until the past has been healed, I can start to look forward to new and better things. A good way to be able to know where you should be and what you should be doing is asking for help from the Ancestors. The spell above is a good way to show the way forward for you. What they will give you is always from a place of love. It’ll help you move forward for your personal growth.

Hope you all have a blessed week. Laters witches!

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