5th December 2021 Run up to Yule .01

Good morning witches!

It’s that time of year again when we start to think about Yule. To be honest it’s hard not to when the Muggles are busy trying to convince themselves that they are all good Christian folk and are busy putting up Christmas trees and lights up outside their homes.

One of my traditions this time of year is to chose next years planner. This year I have gone with Lisa Chamberlain’s 2021 spells and witch planner. (amazon) I love Lisa’s books and they have often given me a good leaping of space in to subjects that I wanted to learn about. I still use some of the recipes in the essential oils magic book. What I love about which ever planner you chose to use you always get those little tip bits about the season or moon phase which you always dismiss but usually come in handy somewhere along the line.

Now, me being me and the stationary queen that I am, I always start the year with a basic A5 page per day basic desk diary. Although for some reason I’m not sure of yet this year (2022) it’s an A4 one. This is my main Spitiaul journal for the year. In to this diary I’ll copy in the Sabbats and quarter days, Moon phase info, family and friends birthdays and anniversary’s, death days etc. Zodiac info and special yearly events that I like to keep. I still mark in All Soul’s, feast day of St Mark, St Michael and All Angels. I still mark Candle mass and a few of the more lesser known feast’s and festivals from the Pagan, Christian and Hindu calendars. Putting in birth and death days is honouring the ancestors and those that come after. The Christian festivals I keep are honouring where I came from and the things that have helped me on my own spiritual path. Marking festivals from the other world religions gives me a sense of brother hood with my fellow believers. I might not go all out at Diwali but I can join in the energy and light a candle with my Hindu Brothers. I also record my daily Tarot reading in this diary so that I have it for reference and I can check to see any themes that are coming up – my daily reading is really good at telling me when I’m heading in to a depression, even before I see the other tell tale signs. So it’s important for me to keep a record of my daily tarot. It’s also a really good way to get to know your cards and how they work for you.

I’ll also make notes of meditations and dreams. When I smudge my space, when I set a spell, when I cast protection circle around the home. So that I can look back to see when I did it and does it need doing again. (should be done monthly on the full moon) Or I can look to when I last did it and why I feel that it needs doing again now if I only did it 2 weeks ago – what’s trying to get in, who’s lobbing nasty energy my way that’s being bounced of my protection’s and degrading them? so it’s useful to have a note of when it was done last.

There are lots of different planners and journals out there so pick on that your drawn to. Lots of induvial teachers and mentors do their own version each year. Our friend Nici (the sweary spiritual coach) has published her own this year (amazon link) so it’s well worth looking for things from people that you know and like the work they do.

As we head in to 2022 me and Rachael (Rachael’s Reiki Healing and Beyond) have started to put together a programme of on-line and traditional workshops (covid permitting) and we’re pleased to announce our first on-line course for 2022. Not just any old tarot course is first and starts on the 8th Feb. It’s a 9 week intro in to how to work with your cards and how to get the best readings out of them. We also have an Advanced Crystal workshop planned for march. Please keep an eye on our FB pages and blogs for more info as we come up closer to the dates and for other events and workshops that we have planned.

Hope you all have a blessed week. Laters witches!

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