28th November 2021 Nemesis

Good morning Witches! The last lady in my trio that I’m working with. Nemesis.

Not a lot is known about this wonderful lady, as she doesn’t have a story of her own in Greek Mythology, but some how everyone knows about her. She is the Goddess of retribution for those who succumb to hubris, arrogance before the God’s. In modern mythology she is seen more as the balance bringer, the avenger of crime.

She is depicted carrying a sward, a whip, a bridle and a measuring rod. In Greek mythology she is the daughter of Nyx and Erebus is thought to be the Mother of Helen of Troy.

Divine retribution is a big theme in the Greek mythology, if you upset the God’s then you know your going to be in for a hard time. And it was Nemesis’ job to track you down and do what needed to be done. It is thought that she is the one who lured Narcissus to the pool where he caught sight of his own reflection and feel in love with it, spending days just looking at himself and in the end dying. So she has a crafty way of dealing out her acts.

I think that I’ve been aware of her for a very long time, and in my more fiery days have most defiantly felt he presence when I was blasting out a certain Reginal Manager for his actions. But those days are long ago now. I don’t have the self confidence I had in my twenty’s and early thirty’s, life and perhaps getting a bit wiser as I grow has tempered the fire of my own arrogance and self centeredness. These days she is helping me understand the root cause of some of the anxiety triggers and to point me in the directions I need to explore. Also I have learnt not to go looking for blame, as I have found out, there are good reason’s why some of the things that happened, happened. Someone not knowing or not taking ownership of there own mental health (this is the early 80’s when such things where not as understood as they are now). She is helping me set up boundaries and to finally have enough courage to say that your behaviour is not acceptable to me anymore. She has also been really helpful in point out to me what matters and what doesn’t matter. As I get to work with this lovely lady more as I move forward along my path I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings in next for me.

Symbolssword, whip, bridle, measuring rod, scales
herbslavender, rose, frankincense, nightshade,
coloursblack, red, silver

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little look at the Goddess’ I work most closely with. There are lots of other Lady’s that are happy to work with us and I would encourage you to sit in meditation and open up to them. Just when you have made contact with someone new, do your homework and find out the best way’s of working with them, most importantly is to find out what they like and what you can use to honour them. Don’t forget that when your working with the God’s and Goddess’ it’s a two way street and they will always ask you to do your part.

I hope you all have a blessed week, Laters Witch’s

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