21st November 2021 First Lady

Good morning witches! And it’s the first proper cold morning of 2021, winter is a coming!

The next Lady on my little flit around my Pantheon is Our Lady Hecate. I have a very special relationship with this lovely lady, she was the first Deity to appear to me all those years ago, although at the time I didn’t realise who it was. When she first appeared to me it was as the maiden and I confused her with the High Priestess from the RWS Tarot. That’s why for years I would always refer to her “as the Goddess in all her forms” which is still a good way to address this Lady.

Hecate is the triple headed goddess in the Greek Pantheon. She is the goddess of witchcraft, magic, moon and ghosts. Technically she is a Titan (the gods before the Olympian Gods) as she was the daughter of Perses and Asteria but when the Titans where defeated by the Olympiads, Zeus allowed her to retain her powers and granted her powers over the sea, land and sky. She could give blessings to mortals but just as easily withhold them as well. She is more likely as not be pictured holding a pair of Torches (symbolising her power over the darkness of night) and with the key’s of the gates to all realms, she is the guardian of the crossroads between the world of the dead and the living. Because of this she can mediate between the two and travel at will between the two. She has knowledge of herbs and plants and their magical and healing powers. Her love of animals is well known, including snakes, dragons, cats and she loves dogs.

The triple head represents her ability to see all parts of the time line, past, present and future. In modern mythology the 3 heads also represent all aspects of the Divine feminine as well, maiden, mother and crone. We also link that in with the moon phases as well, waxing, full and waning, and that’s the link we have with her for Moon Magic as well.

Is it any wonder that this lovely lady is the go to Goddess for us Witches! She is the Goddess with the mostest. You can call on her for help with Justice, fertility, wisdom, Psychic work, Lunar Magic, purification, divination, and witchcraft as well as the other usual bits to do with kids and family.


ColoursBlack, Silver, orange
Moon PhaseDark Moon
Crystalsanything black – onyx, obsidian, tourmaline and Sapphire
HerbsGarlic, mints, mandrake, cypress, patchouli, lavender, dandelion, sandalwood, myrrh, lime
TreesAlmond, Willow
AnimalsDog, cat, dragon, snake, horse, owl

To best work with this Lady, best done at night with candles to light your way and best done at New or Full Moon. But you can call on her at any time and she will answer – well she’s never let me down! She loves an Altar dedicated to her and you can use any of the symbols associated with her, Cauldron, Black Candles, Broom, anything dog related. She does like an offering as well so make sure you had somthing to offer her when your working with her. Eggs, honey, candles, incense, croissants. I usually burn lavender incense when I wish to connect with the Goddess.

True story about me and the Goddess. When she first came to me over 10 years ago she warned me off the Witchcraft path and placed a helmet on my head, which covered my face so I couldn’t see, and told me to go and learn. Strange thing to do you might think. But what she wanted me to do was to go and learn about energy, craft, healing, herbs, rather than just wonder of down the path with no knowledge. I’m so glad that she did, I would have caused no end of havoc if I’d just picked up a spell book and started chucking around energy. This is why I spend so long with the Spiritualist’s leaning and developing my psychic abilities. These days when I talk to her she’s all full of encouragement and words of wisdom which would have past my by if I’d not taken the time to learn about these things before hand. In my last meditation with her she actually called me by my magical name, which for me was a big thing. Means I’ve come home and she has acknowledged me as the witch I am. It was a wonderful, warm feeling. When the Goddess touches you, you know about it! The only thing I would say about this wonderful lady is pay attention to what she tells you. She’s not in the habit of saying things twice!

For those that saw my post on FB during the week. Here’s the Full Moon incense recipe that I was trying out.

you can find the reference post here at moodymoon.com I must admin that it worked very well for me but I think I would add more star anise and less lavender and roses then I did first time. But that’s ok your allowed to change recipes to suit your own needs and sent level.

I hope you all have a blessed week, laters witchs!

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