14th November 2021 Lady Lillth

Good Morning Witches,

Lady Lilith! I’ve been fascinated with Lilith ever since I first heard her story to many years ago to remember. In myth and legend she was Adams first wife, made of the same material as Adam, not from his rib like Eve was. Because she was made from the same material as Adam she was equal to him, and that’s where the fun starts. She was banished from Eden basically because she wanted to be on top. And I don’t mean she wanted to be boss of the place. She was not going to be subservient to Adam, she was equal to him and by jolly she was going to fight for that equality come hell or high water. Of course that wouldn’t do for the patriarchal founders of the monolithic faiths so she had to go and was quickly banished from Eden, making a home for her self down on the shores of the Red Sea.

In the old Jewish legend’s she was demonised, quiet literally, she was thought to have killed infant children, gave birth to other little demons and was basically the slut of the Red Sea area. She was wild, untamed and forever shouting that she was equal to Adam. She used her sexual prowess to get what she wanted, she was going to be free no matter what. And for centuries that’s where she stayed, hanging around the Red Sea, in the back of beyond legends that no one really gave a whatsis about. If you where a free thinking, liberated woman, with a strong will and sassy side, she may have been dangled before you as a warning of what happens to nice jewish girls gone bad, who didn’t tow the party line of male supremacy.

When the feminist movement started, that’s when the Lady Lilith we know and now love started to make a come back. Because she represented the throwing off of the patriarchy and the refusal to bow down to male supremacy, she is held up as an icon.

For us in the modern witchcraft movement she is known as a dark goddess, quiet wrongly in my opinion. Ok she isn’t all fluffy and full of unicorn rainbows and yes she is a bit of hard nosed bitch who tells it like it is, has boobs up to her chin and tight PVC catsuits and whips but for this little gay witch from the provinces she is an inspiration and I love working with her.

Lilith is associated with the waning and dark moons, her correspondences are

Food / drinkapple, pomegranate, red wine, chocolate
Animalsowl, snakes, cats
coloursRed, black
crystalsonyx, obsidian, black moon stone, jet
Herbs mugwort, patchouli, Rose, nightshade, sandalwood, sage, peony, frankincense, geranium, musk

Lilith is great to work with when you’re trying to regain your power. Lilith may appear harsh, even rude, but she is always honest and true to her own nature. She won’t sugar coat things and doesn’t beat about the bush – she is fierce and bold. Lilith represents raw feminine power, sexuality and liberation and she ask’s you to connect with those powers that you have been ignoring. Don’t hesitate to question thing or to criticise what you don’t like, take back all your sacred powers and become more assertive. Her energy will also bring out the courage within you and you will learn to trust your intuition when finding you way. She teaches us to break through our inhibitions, to rely on self and submit to no one. She teaches us to stand up for our beliefs and seek equality, there is no shame in living on your own terms.

Before you sit with her in meditation you will need to build a strong relationship with her. She is a sexy, sensual lady and loves gifts that smell nice, a bit of chocolate goes a long way too. She is a lady and you need to treat her with respect other wise she will kick you in the balls as soon as look at you. Red and Black candles anointed with some off the sweet smelling herbs and even vanilla is pleasing.

When meditating with her you can visualise her energy filling your space, ask her to open the gates of her temple and allow you to seek counsel with her. Talk to her with confidence and honesty and she will give you messages of wisdom and inspiration. As always when meditating with the Gods and Goddess allow the experience to unfold and do not judge it, enjoy your time with them and don’t forget to thank them before you leave.

I have found that as I have sought to understand the root cause’s of my own anxiety and fears over these last couple of months that Lilith has helped me to see so many things that I had just missed, repressed and even taken as just “normal”. A bit like being constantly hit with a stick is normal if you don’t know any different.

Lady Lilith has a special place in my pantheon and I hope you can see why.

Recently when doing a bit more research in to her I came across this Tarot spread and I’d like to share it with you

You can find the original post about it from Tarot Pugs by clicking on the link here. https://tarotpugs.com/2019/11/22/lilith-tarot-spread/

Ive not been able to find a incense recipe for Lilith yet but Stamford do a very nice Musk incense cone which you can easily find on Ebay.

Hope you all have a blessed week. Laters witch’s!

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