31st October 2021 once upon a stormy Samhain

Good morning witch’s on this Samhain day, even if it was wet and windy one.

I hope your all safely cuddled up close to your fires on this wet and windy morning. Now I love a good storm, for me it’s all very cleansing and the wind blowing through clears out the cobwebs and the dust, its a good reminder of the power of the elements you can work with when spell casting. The elements you work with are the very same that have just dumped a load of rain flooding. your front yard and blown enough leafs on to the lawn to keep you busy for a week clearing them up. Be mindful of that next time you call in the elements for help. As I write this the sun has just broken through the clouds, it’s quiet and calm and the birds have started to sing again in the garden. Even after the roughest of storms calm always comes and that’s a good reminder for me as I’ve not had the best of weeks.

Samhain as we know is the celebration the end of summer and a time to honour those who have gone before. It’s one of the few festivals that doesn’t have a Deity attached to it. Although all my work is overseen by and guided by the Goddess in all her forms, working with the Masculine Gods still has problems for me with the Christian hang overs I still have, but I have found a home and warm place in the embrace of Hakate, Kali, Lilith (although not technical a Goddess) and a little bit of Diana thrown in for a good moon connection. Hakate for her connections to witch’s and the triple aspect and she was the first Goddess to come to me in meditation all those years ago when I first started out. Kali, as I seek to destroy the things that confine me and she has a bitch streak that I just love. Lilith, the first Woman who refused to be dominated by Adam and saw herself as an equal not under him. So as I strive for greater equality for all and she is a big two fingered salute to the patriarchy and I like to think to the hetronormal as well. Also, some traditions have it, the first witch too. So that’s my chosen Patheon of Goddess’ that I tend to work with. In the next couple of weeks I hope to do a lot more research and get to understand my chosen a lot better than I do.

One of my fav Samhain traditions, and one I will be doing tonight, is making an Altar to honour the dead. It’s a simple ritual but one I’ve found a lot of peace in over the years. Chose your space, I permanently have an altar set up anyway so for me that is easy. Clean it, I use a mix of warm water and white vinegar to remove any dust and grime from candles and incense, a little bit of baking soda of there are any stubborn bits. Cleans it to clean out energy from other rituals you might have done. I’ll smudge one with sage, then bless it with moon water and salt. Depending on your tradition, you might have some items you have to have on your altar no matter what, I’ll put on to mine a white candle for each of the dead I wish to remember at this time. 4 in my case, one for each of the grandparents. under each candle I’ll have a list of the things I thank them for, for the lessions they taught me and for the love they shared for me. I like to keep my altar space clear and simple but if you want to add other decorations for the session that’s all fine too. when everything is ready I’ll light up the incense I made the other week, light the candles and call in the memory of the departed. Now because I have an altar permanently set up I don’t tend to cast circle every time. As part of my monthly full moon Rite I recast my circle, salt the area around and reaffirm the wards I have in place to keep away negative energy and unwanted guest’s but if you want to cast circle then by all means please do. Once I have called in the loved ones, I’ll meditate and ask them to share anything that they wish me to know at this time. I’ll often play something suitable on iTunes, something soothing and properly classical, although nan would properly prefer a bit of Jim Reeves, and I’ll just sit in the energy and be with them. When we’re done, I’ll thank them for being with me and send them on their way with love. Blow out the candles and but the incense bowl outside to cool. If you’ve cast circle, close it and thank those that have come. Now I always like to leave a little offering of thanks out to the Goddess when I do a Ritual so I’ll properly poor out a little glass of brandy and leave a few biscuits out for them.

Hop you all have a blessed week and a wonderful Samhain tonight. Laters witches

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