24th October 2021 Celebration time

Good morning witiches!

It’s time! Samhain has near enough come round again. I must admit that even for me I’m a little excited. Just 2 more things to arrive for the outdoor display, incense is ready and smelling wonderful ready for the night its self and I have a week off to plan and research a suitable ritual. It should be a really nice and relaxing week off.

As part of my Samhain celebrations yesterday afternoon I went to say hello to some of my ancestors in the village where they lived. Boy has it changed! Although it’s local to me I don’t get that way often on my day to day travels so I was surprised to see a block of New Build’s going up, even more so as it’s in what was my uncles veg garden – he still lives in the village so I hope they have reduced his rent. There where also a lot more cars parked around the edge’s of the woods where I used to play as a kid – that would never have happened in the days of the old Estate Agent and Head of Forestry, but it all served as a remind that every thing changes in this world and to try and stand still in the flow is never a good idea. So the ancestors village has changed and is reforming its’ self for a life in the 22nd century. Not the first time it’s done it, as there has been a village in that spot since the early 18th century so although it’s sad to see things once loved changed and moving on, it’s good to let it happen and allow them to become what they need to be. Some would see it as the village dying out, my Nan would have see it that way for sure as the old folk of the village move in to nursing homes or go to meet their loved ones. I think I would have seen it that way as well once upon a time, but now I see it as the village making it’s self in to what it needs to be to carry on in this modern age.

I guess this links in nicely to the themes of Samhain, yes we honour those who have gone before us and thank them as we stand on their shoulders and make our own movies to allow the next generation to be even better ( or worse) then we where. That is the rhythm of life. Now I see people moving on, we’ve had a lot of people leave work to go on to better things, or because they didn’t like the new way of doing things – we’ve just merged company’s if you remember – I have no problem with people going if its their choice. I do have problem when people are made redundant and then have the struggle of trying to find new work when they may have a period of being unemployed. But I won’t get on my soap box about the joys of capitalism to day, not to day satan! If it is an out dated form of ruling the masses that needs to change before it to dies – that’s a blog for another day. But I’m now starting to see the letting go of places and people that no longer serve as a good thing, as I’ve found recently as you let one go, someone else new will usually come in and make up the gap. As long as it’s down to free will and not a forced ending then I have no problem with that.

To that end one of the things I need to do this week is to kill a spell. Or at least deconstruct one that I had ready to go but hadn’t been released yet. As you follow the path of life and change to the way things are, you put in to place the spells and rituals that you might need to make life work for you. I’ve got a spell that is already to go, all the ground work had been done, everything is set just ready to for the right moment to do the spell and send it out. Now that is good craft work. It had been researched and I knew what I needed to do and everything was ready. Turns out that as I turned the last corner in my life path, it’s not going to be needed after all. So I will respectfully pack away the ingredients, giving thanks to them for the help they would have given, burn the intention paper and leave an offering out for the Goddess to thank her for looking after me. Now it’s not wasted time or wasted energy, as the research will come in handy at another time, the ingredients I know will be used for other things. All is well and no harm done. If I had already done the spell and it was out manifesting then it would have been harder to recall. Little session here is make sure your doing it for the right reason’s before you fire off any kind of spell work. Once it’s out in the wild it’s harder, but not impossible to recall. For the type of spell Ii was planning on using I wouldn’t have recalled it, I would have tried to re-direct it for someone else’s benefit rather then try to recall it. But a good reminder that you shouldn’t spell cast in haste, unless it’s an emergency. If it’s an emergency, then it properly means your in danger at that time so in which case fill your boots and fling every thing you’ve got in to it!

Some of you might have noticed that it’s Sunday, not Saturday. Although I’ve always blogged on a Saturday I’m changing that up so that I now blog on a sunday. This is so that I get a bit of rest from the end of the working week and can clear a bit of head space so that my blogs don’t become to much of a therapy session and I can actually pass on useful stuff rather than just unload what’s still going around my head from that week.

I hope you al have a blessed week. Laters witch’s

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