9th October 2021 Samhain part deux

Good morning witches!

Well the Samhain prep is coming along nicely. I’m trying to keep away from the supermarket tat this year and trying to come up with something totally homemade as much as I can. Although I have got some white fairy lights and a couple of nice glass candle holders from hobbycraft just right for what I have in mind

To honour the dead and the Ancestors of the family I have made up this years incense batch already so that it has time to mature slightly

  • 2 parts Cinnamon
  • 1 part ground cloves
  • 1 part Dragon’s Blood resin
  • 1 part Hyssop
  • 1 part Patchouli
  • 2 parts Rosemary
  • 1 part Sage

I used cinnamon stick and whole clove so you will need to do some grinding but I will admit that it smells lovely even in the mixing stage, it should burn really well too. where it say’s parts, I tend to use teaspoons just cause I’m only making for one and I have a wooden teaspoon that I use to measure out magical ingredients, but if you wanna scale it up that’s up to you. I found the recipe on Learn religions website, it’s just one that our old friend google comes up with first. I still have candles to make and scent and a little bit of outside display work to finish, but it’s all coming together nicely

Last week I looked at how Samhain is the festival of the dead and you can honour those who have gone before. Samhain is also a good time in the witches calendar to honour yourself and the achievements of the year. You can then have some down time over after and before Yule set your intentions for the year ahead. I will admit that I went in to 2021 with a totally different set of intentions then the achievements I’ve come out with. Apart from not getting struck down by Covid, which I managed not to do, still covid free. Everything else has just not happened as planned this year. But sometimes life takes you down other unexpected routes, and this year has been one of those years. This year has been dominated on re-learning how to keep a check on my mental health and putting back in to place some practise that I had let slip as I didn’t think they where needed anymore, turns out they are needed after all.

It’s been a year to look back over my life and start the process of healing past troubles and traumas that where never really sorted at the time and for re assessing who has walk in and out privileges in my life and those I would wish to stay and those who have now out stayed their welcome. It’s always hard when you have to include family in that assessment but this year I’ve had to do it. It’s even harder when they come as a pair – when you want to keep one side of couple you know, but would be happy lose the other one. Do you put up with the one you don’t need any more just to keep the one you do? Or do you lose both? It’s a hard one and one that I’ve not come up with an answer for yet.

But it has been a great year for furthering my witchy knowledge and working in to my craft the things that resonate with me. This year I’ve learned that my craft is very practically based with a love of making things and candle spell work. I’ve expanded my boundary’s and attempted things I would never have done in the past and had some nice success and no real blow backs with my spell work this year. Successfully repelled a hex, brought forward in to my day to day life sessions and principles from Witchy teachings and re-set personal boundary’s on what is and what isn’t acceptable in relationships. So on the Craft front it’s been a very good year. As well as completing a couple of on-line courses and reading books to lean more. Study should be a central part of anyones practice.

Some people have gone but other new ones have come in and at times I have been in the deepest of depressions and anxiety has ruled more then it should have this year, it’s been a good year for growth and reconnecting with my inner-self, now that I’m looking back on it, I’m more than slightly pleased with what I have achieved this year. I can look forward to a good Samhain have a little down time and have a think about what I want to do next year and set the intentions at Yule around the fire with a more positive attitude than I had at Yule last year.

Here in the UK the Autumn TV schedules have kicked in and my fav TV programs are back on the telly box. Rupaul’s drag race uk and of course Strictly Come Dancing (dancing with the stars for the USA folk). Strictly has been a fav for many many years and those who follow my personal Facebook account will know that I do a running commentary each Saturday on the dances. Not that I have any skill or knowledge in the area, it’s just a little bit of fun. This year we have our first male male same sex couple. This is a big thing for the UK Prime time telly. And it’s about time! Not only male male couple but an inter racial couple as well. John and Johannes are making telly history. Back in my day all we had (and I mean the baby gays of my generation) where camp, limp wristed, butt of the joke characters. Mr Humphrys and Larry Grayson, Dale Winton, Duncan Duval to name but a few. Now firstly and very clearly I am not gay bashing the stereotype of the camp queen. They laid the path that John and Jojo are now building on. But for those of us who do not fall in to that area, it’s nice to see two slightly more masculine guys up front and showing the world that actual we are ok too. I believe that Eastenders where their first with the characters of Ben and Callum but I’ve not watched Eastenders since Peggy died, so I can’t comment on that. And over on drag race this years set off queens are proving to be just as lovely and supportive as session 1 UK and session 12 USA. For me looking back from “Im free” to John and Jojos Tango, the distance we have traveled in a life time is outstanding! Visibility is so important if we are to stop the march of homophobia. Even the small bit’s of it.

Hope you all have a blessed week. Laters witch’s

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