18th September 2021 Mabon

Good morning witches! And welcome to Mabon week. Mabon (Autumn Equinox) falls on Wednesday 22nd this coming week, with the full moon on Tuesday 21st. And I”ll get back to those in a minute

Well I’ve had a week! I had a trigger event happen on Monday at work, I managed to successful handle it and stopped the situation escalating in to something bigger. It never fails to amaze me how my mental health can just flip out when presented with a situation that triggers off a reaction from traumas from the past. In this case it was an “suit” trying to tell me what I will care about in the work situation. I don’t do well with “Suits” (Corporate management anything above team / unit management) in the best of situations, as I don’t see how people can so easily put aside common sense and the sense of right and wrong aside in exchange for a salary. People who tow the company line with no questions asked, it just doesn’t make sense for me. So that was Mondays bit of joy.

On top of that this week I’ve also had to take time off work for being ill! Flu like symptoms, high temperature, aches, shivers and sweats. 3 days I had to take off from work. Now those that know me know that I never take time off work unless I’m proper poorly. So I’ve had a bit of week

Mabon is the our main harvest festival. I think that these days the idea of a harvest festival is rather out of place when you can still get lettuce and tomatoes in the supermarkets all year round. The modern world in it’s quest to feed its self has blown apart the sessions. Kids born today will (hopefully) never have to know the importance of a good harvest and seeing that your barns and store cupboards are full of food and provisions to see you through the coming winter months. What you have in your store right now is all you’ve got till the middle of spring next year and has got to see you through the next 5-7 months depending on the weather.

So if giving thanks for a full store is no longer needed, supermarkets don’t close these days, what’s the point of still carrying on this tradition?

Mabon these days is more about acknowledging and giving thanks for the abundance that you do have in your life. It’s a time to acknowledge the good things in life. For me this week it’s having a supportive management team at work and family close by who kept an eye on me when I was battling the flu demon.

One of the things I like about Mabon celebrations is that whilst we are giving thanks for the abundance and good things in life, the traditional colours used, deep red, maroon,orange, yellow, bronze, brown are most defiantly a nod to the turning of the leafs and the passing in to the winter months. For me it’s always remind to give thanks for what you have now, to see you through the dark times ahead. Now that might seem a little pessimistic and may sound like I’m expecting bad things to come. It’s not at all. It’s an acknowledgment that we’re at the crossing point of summer and autumn which leads in to winter, it’s just the natural flow of the universe. The natural turning of the wheel. And here’s the reason to be cheerful. If you’ve had a good harvest, all your hard work in the fields, all your planning and growing, or in the modern sense all your work on your personal development and your own personal growth, it will see you through the dark and cold of winter. Since may first trigger episode a few months ago I went back through my CBT training, start to journal properly again, did a 8 week daily mindfulness course and then when I did get caught up in another trigger situation I was able to manage it successful. My personal development and growth saw my through a possible dark time.

So as we come up to Mabon this week take a moment and note down what you’re thankfully for, what is good and what is positive in your life and give thanks to the Goddess for it. Then on Wednesday light your candles, meditate and be in balance with the universe.

Because of being off poorly I’ve not had a chance to make up anything for Mabon yet, but looking through my favourite book of incense recipes I’ve come across the following on from Scott Cunningham which I’ll have a go at making over the rest of the weekend. I’m lucky in that I know I have most of the ingredients in stock and the oak leaf I can go and forage for in the woods this afternoon.

Mabon Incense By Scott Cunningham Incense, Oils & Brews

2 parts Frankincense
1 part Sandalwood
1 part Cypress
1 part Juniper
1 part Pine
1/2 part Oakmoss
(or a few drops of Oakmoss Bouquet which is Vetivert Oil & Cinnamon Oil)
1 pinch pulverized Oak Leaf

Don’t forget about the full moon on Tuesday as well, get your crystals out to charge and cleans and make your moon water.

This week me and Racheal have published our next course. We’re hard at work putting this day course together and it’s shaping up to be a good day. If you want to know more about working with your crystals and how to get the best out off them then this day course if for you. Click the link to get more information about the day.

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