11th September 2021 Whistle while you work…

Good morning witches!

This weekend is a creating weekend! We all know I’m never happier in my craft then when I’m mixing up an incense, creating a charm, bubbling up a potion and this weekend, thanks to my local postal sorting office who have finally delivered the ingredients I ordered, is a making weekend!

I found these absolute little charmers on Ebay – they where cheap but are well made. I wouldn’t normally go for clear glass for storing spell ingredients, always preferring brown or coloured glass, as it stops the sun light bleaching what’s inside, but these little wonders are going in to a cupboard so they will be in the dark so it should be ok. But if you store things on a shelve rather than in a cupboard I would go for coloured glass. I normally do, just cause when your caravan living actual storage space is a thing. So I would have normally have gone for a coloured glass, any how, my biggest tip when storing things to label the jar! If you don’t you’ll only come across a jar at the back of the shelve one day and wonder what the hell is in it! So I have labels to make for the jars, so that’s job 1

I wanna make up a batch of basic Hot Foot Powder to keep in stock for when needed. Hot Foot powder is a Hoodoo trick, and quiet a fast reacting one so I believe. Now I’m only making up a basic batch, so that I can add in other ingredients at the time of use that are right for the spell I’m doing at the time.

For a basic HFP you’ll need a base powder – traditionally talcum powder was used but you can use any powder that will take on the other ingredients well. I’m using an organic coconut flour, it sits nicely with the other ingredients and takes on the colour well. The point of a HFP is to get someone to fuck off rather quickly and permanently. So you need to give them hot feet so they run! Think of a hot pavement in bare feet, you have no choice but to move on quickly or you’ll get burned. Same principle so you need to add to you base powder hot ingredients

Caynne Pepper, Black Peppercorns, Mustard seeds, Chilli powder, Chilli Flakes

I’m adding in to my coconut flour, cayenne pepper, black peppercorns, mustard seeds, chilli powder and chilli flakes, that should get the tempter rising! As you can see these are all things I’ve picked up in the local supermarket, you don’t always have to go expensive when looking for spell ingredients, and for most things you can find them in the spice and herb section at Sainsbury’s (other super market chains are available) The mustard seed’s and pepper corns I’ll crush up a little before I add them. I’m also adding in a little bit of sulphur in to mine, but this is a personal add in and is optional. If you are thinking of using it then although technically it is not toxic, treat it with respect and only use a little. Sulphur is traditional used in banishing and protection spells and can be added to incense for hex breaking but if you remember back to your school chemistry lesson sulphur when it’s burnt stinks like hell! Rotten eggs! so again I’d only ever use a little bit of it. In this case for a HFP it’s the banishing aspect of it that’ im using.

So grind up the ingredients that need to be ground, and add them to your base powder. And that’s it. It’s a simple recipe but very effective and can be done with stuff you can find in your kitchen cupboard.

But I’m sure your thinking to yourself, well I can buy this all ready made! Yes you can but for me, to be able to get the full force of your inner magic in to it, it’s best to do home made. If like more your not a good visualiser, the best way to get your intention in to a potion, powder, charm is to make it adding in your intent as you go, rather than getting a shop brought item and trying to activate it when you’ve got it.

That is your base powder all made up and ready to be used. To finish off, depending on what the out come is that you’re looking for, you could add in dirt from a railway station if you wanted them to move away from the area. You could add the powder to a Mojo bag that already has a photo of your intended victim in it along with some personal items, hair, nail clippings etc. To deploy the powder you ideally would sprinkle some in their shoes, but unless you with them I wouldn’t recommend this, instead sprinkle it over their drive or front path way – somewhere they would walk. If your using the mojo bag method once you’ve got all your bits in the bay you would then bury it at a crossroads and walk away from it, not looking back. If you where being true to the Hoodoo then you would also leave a lift gift or offering for the spirits, pour a little whiskey or brandy over the place where you have buried it.

Now I need to go and label my jars before I forget!

Have a blessed week, laters witches

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