4th September 2021 Moving on….random thoughts.

Good morning witches!,

Strange title for a blog I know, but bare with…. This weeks theme for me, from the things I have seen this week has been the ending of some journey and the start of new ones. From the pictures that have been flashing up on my FB feed this week, some of you have had your little shit bags (I mean little darlings) move on from junior school to secondary, from school to university. Some of us have marked the anniversary of loved ones, and some of us have said goodbye to ways of working, having to accept the new ways being introduced.

Some times I’ve found moving on to be easy and have embraced it with justo – but those have usually been the times when I have started the change myself…..I seem to remember moving from my home town down to the South Coast of the UK was very easy for me, but then It was a change that I wanted to make. Like wise the move back was also a change of my choosing and very easy to do. But the time was right and I had learned all I need to know from being down in the Portsmouth area.

Some of you may know that I have an opportunity to move on in front of me at the moment but this one is more of a double edged sword than a plan choice. It wasn’t a change I sought, I’ve questioned the reason’s behind it, I’ve now over thought the whole situation and I’m still unsure of which way to go. All of this wasn’t helped as I was kinda forced to stay put during lockdowns and the first years of the pandemic….this virus isn’t going to be going anywhere in a hurry and we will be living with it for decades to come….but now I’m aware that time is running out on this option. oh what to do? I think it’s going go to need some conversations that perhaps should have happened 20 years ago, if we knew then what we know now about the people involved, but as you grow and come to a better understanding of self things do become clearer as you get older. But that’s part of the over thinking process. It seems to me that some thing needs to happen before I can take this opportunity, Goddess willing that may happen soon, and I’m here ready to have that dialogue.

As a witch we take our cue’s from Nature and Nature show’s us that things don’t stand still, everything changes at its correct time and in its correct order. This is very clear at this time of year as we come out of the summer heat and slowly move in to the dramatic changes of autumn. Trying to hold on to and keep things the same, is never going to work out well. Change happens, some are easy to deal with, others aren’t and some you need input from others to make happen.

One of the biggest changes in my life, and one I finally embraced with open arms, was my move from ex christian to fully fledged Pagan and Witch. It has opened my eyes to so many things. Once you step outside of the main stream spiritual box, you’re more able to see how ridiculous modern life is. Strange as it may seem I don’t count the come out as Gay as a life changer. For me it was always a case of well, this is me, like it or there’s the door. But my stepping out of the broom closed was something I did much more gingerly. May be be because I hold my spiritual life in more regard than I did about sexuality. This life time has always been about the spiritual for me, it’s like I’m ending stories and closing doors that where left open from past life times and finally running with the path I should have always been on. Only time will tell on that one, but with a bit of luck, this life time will be the last one for a while – I really do need the rest before I come back again. Once you understand that it’s an individual path and not a collective path then you can truly own and grow yourself. Take personal responsibility and not abdicate your mistakes on to “that’s the way life is” or “this is the world we live in” or “it was a financial / business decision” Own yourself and the things you have done. One of the things that used to go around my head was, if as a witch I have the ability and opportunity to change things, to make my life better, why haven’t more us gone down the fame and fortune route? Why? because most of us have seen through that and seen how short sighted and stupid that is. Ever wondred why most of the Magic that gets taught out on line and in the FB groups is protection magic? It’s to keep the crazy world out of our lives so we can just get on with our own life in peace, love and harmony with those around us. Because we all know that the real root of evil is the power crazed and the materialistic people in this world. That’s why most of what you see out there is protection magic. I think that may be it might be time for me to be more pro-active in my magic and rather than sitting in my corner and saying “don’t hurt me” Perhaps it’s time to start standing up, saying Im uneasy about the way things are, do you want to talk about it? see if we can make positive changes together? Just a thought…..

Of course the last resort is always to banish….get with the program or you’re gone…..wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done that either.

Have a blessed week, Laters Witches!

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