28th August 2021 Last of the summer…

Good Morning witch’s!

I know it might be a bit to early to call it, but we are in the last throws of summer. For those of us who are usually up early in the morning you’ll have noticed that it’s now getting dark in the morning’s. The kids go back to school in the next week and that was always the first signs that summer is nearly over. With Mabon just around the corner it won’t be long before we start to enjoy the Autumnal misty morning and the turn of the levels to gold and brown.

Im the first to admit that I’m not a summer person, I don’t like the heat of even a UK summer and autumn is my fav season of the year. There is nothing like waking up on a misty morning with a heavy dew and that silence of a quiet mid September morning. Back in the day I seem to have linked in my head the misty mornings with going back to school, the start of a new term, new time table and trying to find new excuses to get out of PE – the teacher we had was the devil incarnate, September meant Rugby and I was never a child in to rough sports.

What I love about the Autumn more then anything else is the sigh of peace that the earth seems to give as another years of growth and the one going circle of life joins up once again and the slow sink in the winter slumber’s. There is a peace and stillness about September and October that if your in turn I with your surrondings you’ll feel as much as see in the changing of the leafs.

Mabon is the start of the Thanksgiving season, as we start to look back over the year and give thanks for the things we have learnt, accomplished and things we have let go off. Just thinking quickly, this year I have a lot to be thankful for. For the growth in my craft, friendships made and friendships strengthened, light bulb moments that made me realise that it hasn’t always been my fault and other people really need to take ownership of decision’s made. And in that spirit in this run up to Mabon I’ll be working on spells and rituals to allow me to let go of things that I no longer need in my life. The theme’s of Mabon and the last quarter of the year, I’ll properly come back to these a lot in the next couple of months. It really is my fav season of the year.

I really did enjoy this course and I’ve learned loads! And I know which parts I’ll be adding to my own craft. Like I said last week, this doesn’t make me an expert in Hoodoo but it does give me an insight in to other ways of working and how other cultures and witch’s work their craft.

And because this course peeked my interest, and on a recommendation I’ve raided Amazon for a book to look deeper in to the subject, plus a book of magical recipes. The Magical Chants is something else I want to have a look at as I’m well aware that the words I some times use to set my intentions are some times lacking in umph. Not that it’s ever caused a spell to go wonky but my inner perfectionist knows they need work.

Hope you all have a blessed week, Laters witch’s!

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