21st August 2021 Hoodoo, you do.

Good morning witches!

Well I’ve had an interesting week off. All the normal things happened, fighting the change in routine, getting stressed because of the amount of exercise I wasn’t taking, worrying about what I was eating, and all the normal nasty’s Ive come to associate with time off work. But hay welcome to my wonderfully wired brain.

I finished the Hoodoo course I was planning on doing. Now before I go any further I want to make it clear that I am in no way an expert in Hoodoo, and I’m not trying to pass myself off as knowledgable in it. The reason I do these courses is to expand my knowledge and get a little bit of understand of other ways of working and what drives them. And if something rings my bell then I will fold it in to my own Craft and use it.

What I found out was interesting in many ways. Firstly it’s a very modern way of working, by that I mean it was born in the 19th century mostly by Slaves in the Southern States of America, who mashed up their own native African religions and the Christian religion of the Slave owners, which as we all know was forced upon them. One thing I would have liked the course to have gone in to more was the back ground of the African religions but the courses I do are designed to give you a taste of a subject to see if you like it and then it’s up to you if you would like to go and research further. Because of where it was born and used means that the terms and wording are very American and the way the course is worded reflects that, to the point where it did get on my tits a little bit. But that’s just me.

One of the things I did find very useful was the use of herbs, oils, candles all seemed very close to what I already use in the green witch / kitchen witch and Celtic traditions. So was this borrowed knowledge or something that grew up together? Id like to think that it’s common shared knowledge but I have a feeling we properly borrowed. As my own personal craft develops and it seems to centre around herbal magic and what I can make to help a spell along. This week alone I’ve made up a new incense and oil that I used in a reversal spell this week. So I was very interested in the hoodoo use of powders to lay their tricks. And I know that will be folded in to my own knowledge base. A powder is a base of (traditional) Talc, but you can use just about anything that will accept and work with the other ingredients. So to your base you add in the required herbs, oils and other ingredients. They can be sprinkled under door matts, rugs, in shoe’s, underwear, can be used for dressing candles and letters, sprinkling in a person’s path, dusting the body or simply blowing them over an object to bless, cleans and of course hex. They can be sewed up in too Sachet bags to be kept close to the body, under pillows to aid sleep etc. So if you suddenly see some greyish powder sprinkled down your garden path then may be someone has laid a trick for you.

What didn’t sit well with me was the use of Dolls, it’s just not something that I’m comfortable with. I know you can use them for healing, and I do use a teddy bear to symbolise the body when doing distance crystal healing. But the use of it dolls to cause harm doesn’t sit well with me. Harm none, do what ye will being firmly engraved in my Book of Shadows. Actually one of the Hoodoo things is that there is no dark or white magic. It’s not the act that is considered “evil”, it’s the out come. I can see why it’s thought of like that. For example, you need some one to back off and you cast a trick for them. Now if they happen to fall out of window then your aim has been manifested. You didn’t ask for them to be hurt but to get to your goal they get hurt, well that’s not your fault. After all you can’t be held responsible for the way the Universe chose’s to manifest for you. I can see the freedom in that but it’s like the way some witches try to get around the rule of 3. it just doesn’t sit well with me. But it’s not my tradition to think like that so and I’m not trying to be to judgemental on other peoples way of working. It’s just not for me.

All in all it was a very interesting course and I’ve reached my goal of furthering my knowledge and understanding of the way other people work. I did the Centre of Excellence HooDoo Diploma. CofE has many magical courses to explore and I have also completed some of the Aromatherapy and Mindfulness courses as well. You can use discount Codes (UPSKILL is still working as a discount code) that will drop the costs down to around £30.00 per course. If you find their Facebook page, discount codes are after posted and are well worth finding.

Sunday night is Full Moon night. This month is the Barley moon, Full moon in Aquarius/Pisces Meditation and mental magic are associated with Pisces, so this is a good Moon to give “drawing down the moon” ago. And as long as it’s not wet outside, it’s still warm enough to go and sit out in the full moon light and Meditate in the moon light, asking the Goddess to come down to you and share her wisdom. Just looking at the list of Deities that go along with this moon I see that Nemesis is listed. Not often you see her listed.

Have a blessed week, Laters witch’s

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