14th August 2021 Week off, readings and Dragons blood

Good Morning witch’s!

A blessed week off work to do all the things I’ve been meaning to do! Today is the start of my week off, and although I have some mundane things to do (MOT time) I’m really looking forward to a week of witchy shit. I have a list of things to make, a book to read, an on-line course to finish and an emergency spell to cast. This is going to be a good week. We all know that one of my major gripes is that I don’t have enough time in the week to do all the things I wanna do. First world problems I know but I’m guessing its that way for most of us.

So on my week off I’m planning to make the most of the time and catch up on my ever growing list of things to do. But I’m also aware that it’s also a good idea to make sure that I keep some time apart to just be and relax. Im hoping that the weather holds and I can get out in to the woods and spend time “Forest Bathing”, walking in the natural energy of the trees.

As I am off work for the week I am available to do On-line Readings this week. Just email in witch@westberkshirewitch.uk (you can email from here) and we’ll sort out a time. If you’ve never had a reading with me before then I hope you take this chance. My readings are very much say it as I see it. I don’t do fluffy unicorns and I don’t hold back when I see that something is wrong and needs to change. I wouldn’t say Im in to tough love but you’ll always get an honest no frills reading.

Seeing as I’m off for the week there might even be a couple of extra blog post’s this week as I work down my list of things to do and share what I’m up to.

One of the things I’m going to have a go at this week is making up my own Dragon’s blood Ink. After doing a bit of interweb searching I’ve come up with my own formula. I am cheating a bit cause I’m not going to make the whole thing myself, I’m going to start off with a ready made red ink. This is because I already have a red ink that I use and I like the way it dry’s on the page. so to my red ink I’ll be adding

Powered up Dragon’s blood resin

3 drops of myrh oil

Dragons blood ink is used for love spells, names, and power spells.

Dragons blood, in cause you didn’t know, is a resin made from the sap of the red resin of Dracaena tree.

In some traditions Dragon’s Blood is used for healing, protection, and banishing. Adding Dragon’s Blood to any other incense or herb blend will increase the potency of the original mix.

Dragon’s Blood also comes in handy when it comes to cleansing a space. If the previous occupant of the location left behind some dodgy energy, burn Dragon’s Blood incense, or sprinkle the powder around the perimeter to banish away negativity. Blend it with dried sage or sweetgrass for extra protection.

As you can probably guess, Dragon’s Blood is associated with the element of fire, so you can use it on your altar to represent fire in the absence of a candle, or use it in rituals that involve flames, the sun, heat, or power. 

In some traditions of folk magic, the resin is blended into an oil. Use Dragon’s Blood oil to anoint candles or to dab on your wrists to enhance your personal power. Create a money drawing oil by adding bits of lodestone into Dragon’s Blood oil, or add cinnamon and pieces of rose quartz to create a love oil. For purification, add rosemary or sage, into your oil, and use it to anoint your doors and windows; this will help keep negative energy outside of your home.

5 Ways to Use Dragon’s Blood in Magic 

  • Add it to an herbal blend of incense, to give your magic an extra boost.
  • Use Dragon’s Blood ink in spellwork that involves writing things down, such as names or your intention.
  • Anoint yourself with Dragon’s Blood oil for empowerment and protection when you’re doing any sort of dream journeys or astral travel.
  • Some traditions use Dragon’s Blood in love spells, particularly if you hope to receive a marriage proposal. 
  • Use it in an herbal sachet for healing magic related to bleeding, especially involving women’s reproductive issues.

so Ive got a busy week ahead but most of all I’m looking forward to not having to be up at the arse end of sparrow fart (5.45am is when the alarm usually goes off) and just being a lazy witch

Have a blessed week, laters witch’s!

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