7th August 2021

Good morning witches!

I’ll freely admit, this week I am in that post Sabbat funk when the dust has settled and all the excitement is over, and Mabon seems to be a long ways off. It’s that feeling that I should be doing something but I have no idea what, yet the list of round to it jobs keeps growing. I’m waiting on the post office to deliver some fragrance oils so I can make candles, the wax pellets, tins and colour powder have already arrived. I’ve got a Hoodoo course waiting to be completed but I’m trying to keep that for the week I’m off work. And with the wet weather I’ve not been out for a couple of days, and no chance’s a bit of fun this week. So it’s all kind of a bit depressed at the moment.

If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know that these slumps in my spiritual life are not uncommon and usually do happen after a Sabbat or festival. So what’s a witch to do when she’s feeling a bit low. Well for me the first thing to do is to get oil burner out, I type I have a blend of bergamot and sandlewood vaping away in back ground to lift and inspire the spirit. One of the best ways for me to feel slightly more with it and ready to face the world when I’m feeling like this, is to get out and have a walk through the woods. As witches you should be well aware of the link between nature and the craft. I’m lucky in that I have a very nice woodland walk just across the road from me. As I enter the wood’s I can just feel the stress and yuk lift from me. I always say hello to the trees when I enter there area, it’s only respectful, and ask that they will work their magick and lift this mood for me.

So after a bit of interweb research I’ve found a blend that I like the look of, and have the oils in my box! Now I’ve not tried this one myself yet but I’ll be making this up as soon as I’ve posted this.

In a 10ml bottle add

2 drops orange essential oil, 2 drops of lemongrass essential oil, 2 drops of wintergreen. Fill the rest of the bottle up with carrier oil. I might add a couple of drops of peppermint as well just to boost it abit. Be mindful with peppermint oils as it’s not the best to have laying around if you’ve got little ones running around. I use roller bottles as I find that’s best way for me to put it on to my pulse points. Most mixed oil blends will keep for about a year or so. Don’t forget to label your bottle up as well.

If all else fails then I’ll reach for the bag of chocolate buttons I’ve got in the fridge and watch a movie.

Have a blessed week, laters witches!

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