31st July 2021 Lammas

Good Morning witches!

Blessed Lammas (1st Aug). Lammas is traditionally, for those of us who follow the Wheel of the Year, the first Harvest Festival. Although there is still lots of sun and the days are still long and the fields and woods are still bursting with life of all varieties, many plants have now done there summer display of blossom and are starting to drop seeds for next year, before they start to pass over. Lammas is the time when the first fruits are ready to be picked and the grain harvest is now underway. Lammas marks the point when harvesting rather than planting or tending is the main focus.

In more Morden times, this is a time to consciously recognise the fruits of your labours – literally or metaphorically – and to give thanks for all that has manifested.

Little bit of history for you, the first loaves made from the first wheat of the new season were significant in Anglo-Saxon culture, these loaves were brought into the church and laid on the altar to be blessed. The old Saxon phase “half-maesse” translates to “loaf Mass” and eventually became “Lammas”. This is one of those times when Christianity and the old Pagan ways coexisted for a while back in the day. It’s certain that a harvest festival existed before Christianity swept though England but what it was called and how it was celebrated is lost in the rivers of time.

However in Ireland the day is known as Lughnasadh. A tribute to the Celtic God Lugh, warrior deity associated with the Sun, fire, grain and skills & talents – smithcraft, building, music and magic. On the festival of Lugh, a harvest festival was held, which included athletic games and contests, kind of like the Ancient Greek Olympics, along with music and story telling. Plays were performed, dancing, drinking and matchmaking were also popular at the festive gatherings. Handfastings where performed and a trip to the local holy well where made.

This year me and the other 3 went to the seaside and had a picnic, paddled, told stories, gossiped, got caught in the rain and drank warming coffee in the van as we watched the sun set and the lights of Hythe and Cowes twinkle in dusk.

My Lammas incense that I made a couple of weeks ago burned really well and helped to set the mood. We had a wonderful time. Yes we did celebrate early but one of the best things about following your own path is that you don’t have to be OCD about dates, it’s one of those times when “close enough” will do.

We had work to do as well, as one of us has been on the receiving end of a hidden hex. A hex that has been sent out and then the originator has done their best to hide themselves so it’s hard to trace back to them. But with a bit of Psychic poking about and a very talkative Pendulum we traced it back to who sent it out. It always seems it goes back to the same group of witch’s (even if they don’t call them selves that), people we thought we had moved on from a good 5 years ago or more.

If you’re celebrating Lammas this weekend, then I send your blessing’s and hope you have as much of a good time with friends as we did.

My Lammas incense recipe

2 teaspoon Red Dragons Blood resin

4 teaspoons dried rose petals

3 teaspoons dried heather flowers – doesn’t matter what colour

2 teaspoons dried sunflower petals

2 teaspoons dried marigold petals

5 drops rosemary essential oil – you can use 3 teaspoons of dried rosemary instead but the oil’s add to the aroma better

1 teaspoon Benzoin resin

In a pestel and mortar grind to a fine powder the dragons blood and benzoin resin and place to one side. Grind up the dried flower petals to bread crumb size, you might need to do them separately as the sunflower petals take a bit of work to grind down. Mix the dried flowers with the resin mix, the red dragon’s blood should give everything a red colour. Add in the Rosemary oil and mix well. Store in a covered jar in a cool dark place for a week to allow the oils to mix in well. Burn on a charcoal puck.

The choice of petals and flowers represent the colours of the session and what would be available at this time.

I hope you all have a blessed week, laters witches!

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