24th July 2021 Buck Moon

Good Morning Witches!

After a week of hot weather it’s nice to wake up this morning to a bit of wet and a couple of thunder claps. I do get the feeling that with the currant full moon and a bit of thunder there are some wonderful magical forces at work at the moment, but then I love a good thunder storm!

Full Moon in Aquarius, Buck moon, generates a month of creative power, can be difficult to harness but always worth the shot. Being a creative moon it’s good for working on your Psychic abilities and spells relating to bonds and friendships.

I’ve gone on at length about the creative link with witchcraft and how that has helped me embrace my inner witch and come to love him more. As you know over the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy in the witch’s kitchen making up stuff to help celebrate Lammas next week. The incense I made last week is happy maturing in it’s jar. One thing I did find out though, with that particular recipe, is the all-in-one method didn’t work that well and in the end I had to bash out the Sunflower petals on there own. The Dragon’s blood resin went down to a very fine powder and has coated all the other bits so the whole thing has turned a nice deep red. I’m hoping that it’ll burn well and I can’t wait to try it next week. The stuff I was making the week before just needs wrapping up. I’m not going to say what it is yet as it’s gifts for the others when we meet and I want it to be a bit of a surprise, so you’ll have to wait to find out what I cooked up.

If you keep an eye on the night sky, you’ll have been watching the moon grow to it’s fullest over the last couple of weeks. I was lucky enough to be up on the RidgeWay (high ground between Berkshire and Oxfordshire ) on Thursday night and the moon was just so wonderful to stand and watch for a while. Tonight is the “official” full moon and I’ll be doing the usual full moon rite – calling down the moon, offering up incense, using the Goddess Meditation ointment I made up during the spring, charging crystals and making moon water. If you’ve not done Calling down the Moon before it’s very simple

Find some where comfortable to sit, doesn’t have to be outside in the moon light but if you can that’s perfect. Take a few deep breaths to settle your mind and centre yourself. Say the words and allow the Goddess to fill you with Moon energy, with her energy, love and guidance. I usually anoint my third eye with the Goddess ointment I made up and just allow my Psychic sense to take over and allow myself to be taken where I need to go.

If you’ve not tapped in to the creative side of your craft, then this is the month to give it a try. Doesn’t matter what you do. I enjoy making up incense, oils and getting creative with candles. My essential oil’s collection is properly the most important tools in my witch kitchen. I’m not a trained aroma therapist but I know enough to be able to mix up carrier oils and add in the things that I need to. The beard oil that I’m using at the moment is just mix of a light carrier oil (jojoba) with palmarosea, Geranium, lime essential oils and a few drops of Rose scent oil. A little bit of self love in a bottle. Rub that over my hairy chin in the morning and the bread stays soft and in place and the scent gives of wafts of love and clear thinking. (Rose fragrance oil is not an Essential oil. Real, proper Rose oil is very expensive so a few drops of fragrance is ok. The Palamarose has all the properties of rose oil, just not the right smell and is better on the bank balance). There are plenty of books available for list’s of Essential oil magical properties and as a start off I would recommend Lisa Chamberlian’s Essential oil magic. But if you’re more adapt with paints and pencils, modelling clay, yarn and needle then use those to focus and express your magic. Or if your more creative with the written word then set yourself up a blog for your story’s, essays and poems. By expressing your creative your making connections to your inner witch and allowing them to show themselves. Steps towards owning, loving and expressing your self. Another reason for using the Essentials is they come from the Herbs that traditionally witch’s of Old would have used, and that links back to those who have gone before.

For those of us who are planning a Moot (meet up) for Lammas, now that Covid restrictions are not so tight, I hope that your planning is going well and your looking forward to being with other like minded people. Have a blessed week.

Laters witches!

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