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Good Morning witches,

Although it is New Moon tonight, I don’t usually do anything for New Moon as I feel so shittie in the last few days of the Waining Moon that I don’t have the energy, we are in one of those bits of the year between Sabbats when it can feel a bit like nothing is going one. A couple of weeks since Solstice and a few weeks before Lammas . But don’t give up there is plenty you can be getting on with. Although plans for Solstice didn’t quiet pan out this years, we have come up with a good way to celebrate Lammas and if the weather holds then it should be a good evening. As my part for the celebrations I’m going to be making up some incense and some gifts for the others.

Lammas – First Harvest. It may seem a bit weird celebrating Harvest in the middle of summer but this is the time when the grains are ready to come in and already the summer fruits are just passing their best so it does make sense if you think about it. With modern farming techniques we have lost touch a with the growing and harvest seasons. When you’re harvest consist’s of seeing what Tesco has in the fruit and veg section, you tend to forget that nature has her own sessions for growing and harvesting food. Because of the way life has worked out over the last couple of years this is my second year of not growing anything at all. At the moment I don’t have the space but I’ve missed my veg growing. I usually always do Tomatoes, runner beans, beetroot and some sort of lettuce. May be next year I’ll be in a better place where I can grow things again. Lammas is the quarter day between Solstice and Mabon and it’s a good time to take stock and give thanks for what you have accomplished so far this year. So starting putting down on paper idea’s for how you would like to celebrate Lammas this year.

  • Think about what you have accomplished this year
  • what could do with one last push to get it over the line
  • what are you thankful for

Lammas is the start of the end of summer so the colours you can use to help decorate altars and spaces are the summer colours of yellow, gold and orange. Fruits and grains can be placed on your altar space as offerings

So although we have a couple of weeks to go before Lammas start planning now and see what you can come up with for first harvest.

Recently there has been a lot of chat about negative energy getting in to our work spaces. Manifesting broken screens, slow internet, dropping off of social media following’s and a general feeling of frustration of our message not being heard. One of the key aspects of Magikal work any witch can do is making sure that your workspace is protected from negative energy that other people are throwing around. Putting up Wards around your space is step one of defending yourself. A ward is a barrier of energy that is placed around an item, object, person or place to protect them and keep intrusive and unwanted energies out. Casting a circle is the most common form or warding, but there are many other wards that you can use.

First of start by cleaning and purifying the area, objet, person that you wish to keep safe. Smudging it, sprinkle salt / moon water or what every your chosen way of doing it.

As well as using a circle casting ritual you can also use Sigils and Symbols. I have a travel safely Sigil on my van to help prevent accidents and breakdowns when I’m out and about. To find out more about Sigils then I would recommend Sigil Witchery by Laura Temptest Zakroff available through my Amazon link’s. Incense and oils are also a good way to put up and maintain a ward. But your intention in to the smoke and visualise the smoking wrapping it’s self around the item / space to keep it warped up in safety. With Oils you can anoint the item, boundary’s of the space or above doors and windows to stop the negative from coming in. Scott Cunningham’s Oil, incense and brews will give you all the info you need. The thing I love about using oils and brews is they are fun to make and really allow you to infuse your intention in to the spell as you make them.

Putting up wards, and I have several up around my work space just to make sure that nothing unwanted can get it, be that a Hex, general nasty energy or people, is a perfect way to start protecting your space and yourself. Anointing an item of jewellery (even costume jewellery or a badge!) and wearing it or have it pinned to your bag – I have a small enamel pentagram that has been anointed with a anti theft oil pinned on my man bag – make’s it in to a talisman for magical use. There are lots of simple ways to add in the Wards that will help protect what is special to you. There are only limited to what you can imagine and make.

So even though this is a little bit of down time between sabbat’s there are still plenty of things you can be doing to grow your craft.

Laters witch’s

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