3rd July 2021

Good morning witch’s!

Now that Pride month is done and dusted for another year, and the big corporates take the rainbows off the logo’s, there is a sense in the room that we (LGBTQA+) should go hide under our blankets again till next year. Well blocks to that! The fight for equality isn’t just 1 month out of 12, it’s all year round.

This week as I non-celebrated my 48th birthday – I stopped counting at 35, I don’t feel any older, might have a bit more grey in the bread and it takes longer to get going in the morning’s but I still feel the same as I did back then – I have been very lucky that I have never been on the receiving end of a direct homophobic attack, well not since School and that was just play ground stuff, I’ve not been bashed, I’ve not had someone call me out for being me. I know I’ve been very lucky, so I can only imagine what it’s like to suffer directly at the hands of hate for just being you. I don’t think I’ve ever really hide my sexuality on purpose since I came out, not concisely anyway. But I know there have been times in the past when I’ve not stood up and made myself visible when perhaps I should have done. Being of the “straight acting” type of gay you wouldn’t know by just looking or by the way I walk or how I dress that I was gay, and that has perhaps made it possible for me to hide in plan sight when perhaps I should have grabbed my rainbow flag and shoved it firmly up the arse of some small minded wanker who was mouthing off. And for that I can only apologise and hope to do better if the opportunity comes up. Being a great fan of Rupaul and all the Drag race franchise I can only hope that after listening to some of the stories the queens have to tell I would do what is right next time and fight for my LGBTQA+ brothers and sisters. The importance of standing up with my brothers and sisters has been brought home to be this week as I’ve worked my way through various LGBTQA+ films and documentaries on Netflix this week. I realised that I knew very little of our history pre 1980 so to educate myself a bit I’ve watched the story of Marsha P Johnson, Peter Tatchell, and what kicked off the Stonewall riots. So many have fought so hard and so long to help make my life better and I never knew. Another reason why I think it’s time that I stepped up to the plate when I’m called to do so. After all we are all children of the Goddess and should be equally cared for and loved. So at the end of this pride month my promise to my brothers and sisters is this. I’m here, I’ve got your back and I will stand with you when I’m called to do so. Pride and the fight for equality hasn’t stopped just case June and the solstice have passed. It’s a year round, life long process and we need to keep on turning the world rainbow, not for us but for those who follow, just as those who went before did for us.

Actually it’s only in the last couple of years, when I finally fully embraced and accepted my witch path that I have realised that I needed to step my pussy up on all things LGBTQA+. One of the many positive steps was creating West Berkshire Witch that was born out of the process of fully integrating all area’s of my life in to one rather that putting things in to boxes. Fully owning and being myself from my gayness to my witch side to my plus size body. As I step in to my 48th year I’m finding it’s more important to me to be truly me, embrace and love all side’s of me and shove a big fat fuck off to those who can’t cope with it. I guess with age comes the confidence to be and the security to know you don’t have to fit in to other peoples idea of what you should be and act. So I can stand on my soap box and proudly shout “Im here, I’m queer, I’m plus size, I give amazing blow jobs”.

So my message to all the youngsters, it does get better, it’s hard and it’s a struggle but we older types will hold the space for you to grow, accept, embrace and flower in to the bright, brilliant, fabulous person that you should be.

Laters witch’s

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