26th June 2021

Good morning witches!

Not often I’d use a photo of my self (hate having my photo taken) but this is a very wet Solstice day at the head of Chalice well at Glastonbury UK.

For Solstice this year me and the other 3 decided to have a day out in Glastonbury. I’d never been before and I wanted to check it out and see what all the fuss is about. Now I freely admit that we only did Chalice well and the Abbey, rest of the day was spent looking round the shop of which there are many amazing New Age book shops, incense shop’s, Herbalist’s and just about everything else you would expect from this town. We didn’t go the Tor or White Well, it was closed for a group when we got to it and we ran out of time to go back. Going up the Tor wasn’t going to be for us, with one of us with Covid Lung and one with a dodgy heart we decided it wasn’t going to be the best idea in the wet.

Never having been to Glastonbury I was looking forward to finding out why so many people seem to speak of it with reverent tone’s or gush forth as if the place is full of that special type of energy that you only every come across once or twice in a life time. To be honest I was disappointed. There is zero energy in the area at all. Sure there is the back ground hum of earth, water, plants as you would expect for a rural town but the whole place seems like it’s had one massive smudge stick firmly shoved up it’s arse. The whole place feels like it’s been freshly cleansed and all energy has been taken from the area. This is true at Chalice well and the Abbey. So no great energy to tap in to and top up from. Don’t get me wrong its a nice day out and the book shops alone are well worth going to, and I’m not spilling the T on any one who get’s something from being at Chalice well. But it wasn’t for this witch. Part of me wonders if it was me, and I just missed the point of it, but when the others of the group all came up with the same feeling of nothing being there then I felt sure it wasn’t just me. Just to make sure that I wasn’t having an off day we drove back along the A303 and went past Stone Henge, and there was no mistaking the energy coming from the stones, we all felt it hit straight in to the heart chakra as we drove on to the Henge road from the Salisbury end. We also picked up on stuff as we drove past Old Sarum as well so it wasn’t like our Psychic abilities where having an off day. From my many years experience of “field work” – visiting old, sacred, mythical sites like St Catherine’s hill, Stone Henge, Winchester City, Buckfast Abbey etc and just what you pick up from walking around woods and villages, I was surprised that Glastonbury felt like an empty void.

Reflecting back on the day during the week I realised that I’d been reminded of two things. A witch’s power is within. Yes we connect in to the energy around us, even more so when we’re out in nature and use the elements to join our own inner energy, but you when there is no or little external energy your inner self is all that you need. Also what works for others isn’t always going to work for you. Follow your own path and don’t fall for other peoples hype.

Please don’t get me wrong it’s was a lovely day out doing things that I love to do with people that I love so it was well worth the day out. I think part of the problem with Glastonbury is that it is such a Mecca for all flavours of the “Spiritual” that any energy in the area has been used up and not been allowed to replenish. One the day we where there I saw Witch’s, Hippy’s of various types, New Agers – Psychic’s, Tarot readers, crystal healers, Hindu, Native American, Polish Catholic, as well as Muggles trying to keep the town an “English country town” (conservative with a small c) and the mix just isn’t working. It’s taken from the energy and it’s never been replaced. As well as the Social economic problems of being a country town with a drug problem (and I don’t mean the odd joint being passed around). It all works on a tourist level, but for actual spiritual energy I can think of better places to visit and be at one with the Divine. So it’s a brilliant day out for shopping and stocking up your herb cupboard and adding to your crystal haul and finding that book you always wanted but for topping up the energy within – muh.

Another high light of this week has been the arrival of A Witch’s Companion by the team at Flickering Cauldron. Now I love the Moon Diary’s they do each year and have used them for the last couple of years. So I was supper excited to get latest offering. I’ve only read the first couple of section’s and it is pretty basic but for a “baby witch” or just as a reminder of some of the fundamentals I would recommend this one. Done in their typical A5, serial bound fashion, it’s going to be one of those that I keep referring back to time and again. The Art work is wonderful and covers the basic’s you’ll need to know. I’d forgotten all about Witch’s Alphabet and I must add this in to my Sigil work. What I love about books like these, they give you a glimpse in to area’s of Witch Craft you might not have thought about and give you a starting point, a bit of inspiration that will get you interested so you can go and research something new and add it to your way of working.

This week we also had a full moon too. I will admit, it crept up on me as my head was full of the plans for the road trip to Glastonbury. Lucky for me when we where at Chalice well we all got a bottle of well water, so that was put out for Moon water! And I actual remembered to use my home made Full Moon ointment this time too. Rubbed over the 3rd eye and heart chakra it really did enhance my Drawing down the moon ritual, the images came thick and fast which was interesting and hard to keep up with!

Hope you all have a blessed week. Laters Witch’s

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