19th June 2021 Happy Solstice

Good Morning Witch’s!

Perhaps it’s cause I’m British but when ever I think about Solstice, my thoughts always go to Stone Henge, might just be years of Media feed as well, which ever it is my thoughts and imagination always go straight to that sacred area on salisbury plan. I don’t think we (modern people) will ever truly know the reasons, purpose and Holyness of that ancient stone temple in a middle of the country side. Sure we know how it was built, in which stages which stones where added, we know where the stones came from and we’ve even found the workers village but we will never know the true reason’s why. Was it Merlin who planned and built this most sacred of sight’s or some ancient chieftain showing off his power and wealth?

I have driven past the site many many times, easy to do when you worked in Salisbury City for a while and had a love interest in the area, and I can always feel the buzz of energy coming of the stone, but as yet I have never stopped and been around them. Part of me feels like I don’t need to, what I pick up on the Psychic and Empathic level is more than enough to say that I’ve been there. I would dearly love to be there just once for Sun rise and see the rising sun appear over the heal stone, but I fear that the crowds and “new agers” would be too much with drums banging and most of them high on what ever is in Vogue this year. But just once it would be such a moment to see the magic happen for myself.

In my dreams and in my meditations the day goes something like this……

It’s still dark when I’m woken up by my mother, it’s warm and a gentle breeze is coming in the door of our round house. The left over smell of wood smoke from last nights fire still lingers in the air, and I can see a single star through the hole in the roof where the central pole of our round house goes, to let the smoke out. Father is lighting torch’s from the glow on the embers of the fire. We go out side to gather with the rest of the village, it’s been a cool night and there is a heavy dew on the ground, ever where you tread you get wet feet. All the women are dressed in there finest and the men have combed and scented there hair and beards. There is a buzz of excitement as we head out through the gate of the compound. The light from the torch’s light’s are way as we head out west to the great plan. Each family has with them something to offer to the druids and something to eat and drink. It take’s an hour to walk to the hill just west of Amesbury, east of the stones and as we stand at the top of the hill looking down in to the plan, the sky just starting to grow light, but the sun has not yet risen. We are joined by other village groups and the men greet each other in friendship and story’s of this years planting and tales of the animals born start to be told. The women gather and start to greet friends and family from near and far.

Soon we start to move off as a big group heading out west towards the stone temple. The Druids have light torch’s along the avenue that leads to the most sacred site. As we walk down to the temple a hush comes over the crowd, there is an air of excitement and yet stillness, a wanting to rush forward but a holding back. There is magic in the air, you can feel the earth beneath you buzz like a thousand honey bee’s. As we come down the hill, following the light torch’s of the Avenue we reach to huge fires close to the outer ring of stones. The package’s and bundles of food and wine are left here, the sky is getting lighter and lighter, we hardly need the torch light to see what is round us.

We move around the outer stone circle, fill in the gaps between the upright stones, so that we can see the druids, dressed in white standing around a fire in the middle of the inner circle of stones. The oldest druid is stood before the big flat stone leaning on his staff, gazing out towards the east, watching for the first glimpse of the sun rise.

We wait silently, all looking east, stillness, calm and reverently we wait for the first ray of sun light.

A bright flash of yellow light, the sky suddenly gets much lighter, dried herbs are put on the fire in the middle of the stones and the air is filled with sweet smelling smoke, the old druid raises his hands and welcomes the Solstice sun as the top round ball of lights climbs up from behind the hills. The light push’s out the shadows around the stones, the wild flowers start to open there petals and the fist full beam of sunlights hits’s the flat stone and lights up the gold chalice that has been hidden by shadow, and a glowing light radiates out through the inner stone circle. The druids chant there song’s and greet the risen sun. Some one on the outer circle of stones starts to bang a drum and we all shout and cheer the risen sun on this longest day of the years, the rest day between growing and harvest, the day when we can eat and drink and be happy, blessed by the sun.

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