12th June 2021 Dark Moon

Good Morning witch’s,

Wow it’s been a powerful week with the New moon and Solar eclipse. I hope you’ve come out the other side of both with a bit more insight and knowledge. Meditating on the dark moon this week has been a powerful experience for me. The new moon is traditional the time to start things, long term spells, new projects, new aspect’s of your craft etc but it’s also the perfect time to allow the darker moon energy to show you the way forward. In Tarot the Moon card gives us the power to see the way forward because in the moon light the path forward is shown in the grey, and as we all know some times the life is not all black and white you need to be able to see the grey too. In most tarot decks you’ll also have the Goddess leading the way as well.

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Well this week I have realised some things. I’ve had those light bulb moments that bring clarity to life and usually make life jus that bit easier to cope with. I won’t go in to much detail as it’s family related and some things should be kept private but enough to say that some of the sense of failure, disappointment and worthlessness I’ve carried around for the last 30 years has been projected on to me, intently or not, by someone who I looked to for guidance and affirmation, but very rarely got, is more to do with their own mental health that has been left unchecked and not owned by them. Which properly means I’m not that bad after all. I can say this after finally coming to terms with and owning may own issue’s and understanding how best to live with them. For me this has been a powerful experience, and one that I’m going to hold close to me as it’ll make interactions in the family that bit easier to deal with. The power of the new moon has shined on my path this month and I’m grateful for the experience.

This year has been so much about Healing my own experience’s and coming to terms with how I deal with life. I’m starting to see that I’m not so much a bad person and a lot of what I thought where negative thought’s are just my brain trying to make sense of what is happening to me. This work on myself, which is long over due, has been brought in to focus when I stepped out of my Witch Closet, broom stick and wand in hand. When we have the ability to change the world around us it makes you stop and think about what needs to be changed, what needs to be challenged and what is acceptable. And that’s made me focus on me, my mental health and the way I see the world. It’s been an eye opening experience for sure and one that I’m glad I’m going through. I’ve put to bed some of the hurtful experiences from school, seen how I crave stability because of the constant changes in my early teens, how I over eat to make myself feel good, how I never thought I was good enough because I was never academically gifted and how that was used against me by someone who should have known better, how I keep people at arms length because I was rejected by people I thought liked me because of the person I loved at the time. The list goes on and on. But all of that is my experience and it’s helped me to see and work on the fault’s in my own behaviour. It’s been hard work but I feel so much better for it. I now know to throw things in to the fuck it bucket a lot quicker than I have done in the past. And because I don’t see the world through the pursuit of profit and material gain, I’m always going to be an outsider and I’m ok with that. I have what I need and that’s ok to.

When meditating on the new moon it can be a powerful experience if your open to see the things you need to see.

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