5th June 2021 Pride!

Art by Joe Phillips

Good Morning Witch’s !

June has arrived and as well as the Solstice, it’s also pride month. Well it is if you’re in the States, but like most things it’s slowly creeping in over this side of the pond as well, although it is being hijacked by the Corporates so that they can show how good they are with LGBTQA+ issues, count how many Corporate logo’s suddenly have gone rainbow for this month! Here in the UK June is officially LGBTQA+ history month as we tend to hold our Pride events during July and August. But bashing the Corporate isn’t the theme for this blog, well not today anyway

Pride, or the concept of LGBTQA+ Pride is so important to us, even in this day and age where in the western world attitudes have changed so much over my life time. When I was a baby gay the thought of being able to marry your beloved was out of the question, and yet here we are with equal marriage. But pride month always us to show our history to the world, to tell our story and to open minds and hearts.

I’m the first to admit that I am a bad gay. I failed interior design, shopping, personal styling and disco dancing when I was at Gay School. Although I came in top of the class for BJ’s and snogging! And for years and years I shunned the “Gay Community” because of it’s tendency for fat shaming. We are far from perfect on issue’s like this but it is getting better. Even now if any gay lad comes towards me, looking all metrosexual and hipster I’m more like to cross the road and spit on his shadow then I am to engage with him in any meaning full way. Bit harsh I will admit, but years and years of being ridiculed for the way I looked have left a behavioural tick that I know I need to work on.

But hang on a mo, lets just look at that again, am I really a bad gay? Here I am, a big guy proudly waving my rainbow flag, clutching my broom stick and shouting out loud “Im here, I’m queer and I’ll curse your balls off if you disrespect me and my community”.

One of the things I hold on to tightly as part of my Craft is being honest, open, inclusive. Drawing from our Wiccan brothers and sisters, Witch’s are well known, (or should be!) for being open towards those of different sexuality’s. I think we all understand that we are children of the Goddess and diversity leads to harmony not to distraction. We know that in nature, two males or two females being together is not unknown. We all know the story of the two male penguins raising abandoned chicks. In the native communities we are “two spirits”, having both the male and female spirit within us. As always it was only with the rise of the Christian Church and the spread of the Western Europeans did the traditional ways of looking at sexuality become to be seen as something that was wrong and punishable. So in my craft I make no distinction between those who are gay or straight or somewhere in between. Love is love and that is all that matters at the end of the day. How your identify is up to you and no one else. I don’t care if you call yourself gay, straight, bi, pansexual, Asexual, non binary, Fluid, as long as your open, honest and know yourself then you are welcome around my cauldron. Of course if your male, got chest hair and a “Dad Bod” then then you’re more than welcome to come sky clad as well.

Pride, for me, is more about accepting and celebrating who we are and what makes us, us. Individually and collectively there is room around the cauldron for every one, and that’s how the Goddess wants us to be.

So am I really such a bad gay? No I’m not. One of the things I love about my Craft is that it gives me a chance to express and celebrate who I am, my sexuality, my mental Heath, my love of nature and the country side, my faith and my feeling of never really fitting to the world. These are the things that make up this gay witch and I have come to love, celebrate and own all of them. For me that is what pride is all about

Ok then witch’s, this week is new moon (Thursday night) so if you’v’e got new projects and spells to do then you’ve still got time to get in the stuff you need. New Moon in Gemini. The twins of Gemini, Castor and Pallex, born of the union between Leda and Zeus remind us that life is made up of different parts and this new moon is a good chance to rearrange those parts so that they best fit you. The new moon provides us with the clarity of your self worth and if you need to change things up so you can be truly you then this is a great time to reflect and seek to make the changes that a you need to make. A great link in with Pride month, as it’s a chance to take hold of you true self and may be find the strength and energy to come out as your true self. May be its time to open up that closet door and say “actual I like a bit of cock every now and then too” Gemini, as an Air sign can help you reject and over come the boundaries and perceived limitations imposed by the Heterosexual norm of the western world. Find and connect in with your true self and true potential this new moon. Love yourself for who you are and give a big “fuck off” to the things holding you back from being yourself.

Laters witch’s

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