29th May 2021 To Hex or not to Hex

Good Morning Witches!

Now before I start climbing on to my soap box, as always, opinions and views expressed here are all mine and may not represent what other witch’s get up to.

The subject of Hexing and Cursing is doing the rounds of the witch groups on line again at the moment. Always seems to come up before Solstice and Samhain, two of the most power fun times of the year I guess.

Well my darling’s here are my thoughts and it goes something like this. Are you allowed to Hex and Curse? Well lets split the two and have a look at what they are. A Hex is a short term kick up the arse so that the intended recipient get’s the lesson they should be learning. It’s a quick, sharp, shock, a bit of tough love, a warning. It should be planned out and the energy controlled so you know what the out come should be. A curse is born out of full anger and a wish to harm someone. Because the energy is difficult to control a curse can last a life time and even trickle down the generations of a family. It’s usually cast in the heat of the moment with out to much thought in to the outcome of the spell cast.

Now you should, if your good witch’s, be mindful of the Threefold Law – what you cast out comes back x 3. So if you chuck around a load of negative, nasty energy, it will come back to bite you somewhere along the line. The Wiccian Rede also reminds us that we can do what we need to do, as long as we don’t harm any one. So the quick answer is No you should not Hex or Curse.

That being said, as always there are ways around that little problem, however there is no guarantee that the Goddess will look kindly on you when you start Hexing just for the sake of it. To my mind there is nothing wrong with sending out a warning shot when some one has already over stepped the mark with you or has not respected your boundary’s. Self defence is perfectly acceptable use of Magick. Binding and freezing spells are technically not Hex’s. How ever I would think really hard before I used one. Protection spells and Boundary setting spells are not Hex’s and are a good way of keeping the negative away from yourself in the first place, but there is nothing wrong with pushing back if something does happen to slip through your protection grid.

Also there are times when you may be asked by the Goddess to act as her agent in the matter of delivering a bit of Karma. But be very sure of your ground and make sure you’ve done enough Divination to know that is what is being asked of you.

So throwing negative energy around is no no, but you are given a little bit of wriggle room if your protecting yourself or loved ones – but always wait until the first shot has already been fired before you wade in with wand’s a blazing.

Hexing some one just cause you don’t like them is also a no no, you need to have a really good reason to get the black candles out. And remember that some times the best way to get back at some one is to bless those around them rather than trying to make something bad happen.

Have I ever Hex’ed someone? Hell yes. Who? Well I’m not going to tell you that! All I will say is that I had very good reason for doing so and whilst those spell’s are still active I won’t be saying anything more about it.

Can Hex’s be broken or lifted. Yes of course they can. It’s easier to get them lifted, you go to the witch, make amends for what you did, and they should in all fairness lift the Hex. But be prepared to do a lot of grovelling and do what is required of you. You can send a Hex back to the owner but they can just as easy send it out again with an up grade, so you end up playing Hex tennis, it’s easier just to go to them and work it out. To brake it you must be aware of the Hex, have a good idea of who it came from and have enough positive energy to over ride or at least balance out the negative.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Curses, never having felt the need to use one or been able to sustain the negative emotion long enough to be able to use it. I do know though that it takes a lot of energy, emotional and Physical to create, send out and sustain a really good, hell raising, life effecting curse and very few witch’s are capable of doing it effetely. So if you think some one has cursed you, they properly haven’t. It takes a certain type of Witch to really Curse some one. So the chances are that that feeling of dread and ill feeling is more to do with your own stress level’s and lack of sleep. Chances are you’ve been Hex’d and that can be solved with communication, or a good positive light spell if the communication thing is totally out of the question. Most Hex’s are born out of frustration and a not being heard rather than out of hate or malice. It’s good to talk, just remember that.

As we come out from under the Full Super Flower Moon, the world seems to be a slightly different place and we start to build up to the Summer Solstice. Now is the time to start making plans and getting everything you need in for the Great Festival heading our way. This year I’m planning a road trip with friend’s, now that UK restrictions are being lifted and we’re visiting some where I’ve always wanted to go but haven’t been yet. So be mindful of what’s coming up and have a think about what you would like to do this year now we’re allowed to be out and about a bit more.

Hope you all have a blessed week. Laters Witch’s!

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