22nd May 2021 Open for Business

Good Morning Witch’s!

Well it’s about time to be honest! It’s very true I have taken the lock downs as an excuse not to do readings, what with other things going on in my life at the time, it just seemed a good reason to stop and step back and have a look at what I was doing and what services I was offering out. But I am now pleased to say that I am open again for on line readings. To book an appointment please email in and we’ll sort out a suitable time. You can email in here You’ll also find my full terms & conditions. One of the highlight’s this week was doing a reading for a lovely lady who need conformation of her spiritual and business paths and I’m grateful that I was able to help her. So with that in mind I’ve opened up a few slot’s on a Friday evening and over the weekend for others to book a reading.

This week has seen some changes here at West Berkshire Witch. I’ve added a book list to the “store” page. a list of books that I whole heartedly recommend. It is linked through to Amazon and yes I do get a little bit of commission if you buy of the link but that wasn’t the reason for me adding it. It’s important that any witch carries on there study’s and learns new things, constantly questioning, being open minded to the powers available to us. I’ve updated the T&C’s a little bit and changed the layout of one of the pages. I hope you all find what your looking for a bit more easily now. It’s important to be that you can use this site as a reference for all your magical needs so do look at the calendar for Moon Phase’s and where we are in the Zodiac cycle as well as looking through the book stall.

Another highlight this week, although it’s an end of something I’ve really enjoyed, has been the end of the “not just another Tarot Course” that myself and Rachel have been offering out over the last few months. I am so pleased with the progress of the students and I’m happy to know that we have giving birth to some wonderful Readers. I’ll keep you posted for when we plan to run the course again.

This week (Wednesday – UK) is the Full Moon. The Flower Moon. Full moon in Sagittarius. The third and final of the fire signs, and it’s full of that fiery energy. A perfect time to try something new. Sagittarius is known to stimulate intellectual energies, so this is the perfect time for spell work around education, legal situations and protection. It’s also a wonderful time to be a bit daring! Throw caution to the wind and try something that you’ve always wanted to have a go at. As always on a full moon don’t forget to put your crystals out to charge and to top up the moon water jar.

Hope you all have a blessed week, catch you laters witch’s!

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