15th May 2021

Good Morning Witch’s!

Well first week back to work after a wonderful week off and I can honestly say that I’ve never been so knackered! Properly not helped by 3 late nights during the week, but honestly I am feeling my grand 47 years, just en’t as young as I used to be! Gone are the days when I could go out clubbing on a Friday night to the early hours and still make to work the following day. Seems I can’t even stay up to watch sewing be and mange to make it through the next day.

Highlight of the week for me was the live with Real World Spirituality on Thursday night. It was brilliant to be able to talk to a group of like minded folk and share some of my passion for all things Witchy. So thank you Nici and Rachel for asking me to join in for an evening. One of the questions I picked up on was the link between Psychic abilities and being a witch, and that it seemed like you had to have one to be the other. That is not true. Yes a lot of witch’s have Psychic powers and use them for divination and spell work. But you don’t have to have them. If you are a good visualiser (have a good imagination) then you will have no problem in raising and realising the energy need to get a spell out in to the universe. If you’re a good Hobby Crafter then your powers to make things can be used to raise the energy. If you’re a Gardener then your ability to grow and nature plants is your power, if you’re a wonderful baker then look in to Kitchen witchery. What ever your creative outlet is – that’s where your powers lay, is usually a good rule of thumb. If your more academic and books and study is your passion, that’s where you’ll find the right energy for you to work with, your properly be drawn to Ritual and High Magic. Follow your passion’s and creative and you’ll be able to tap in to the magick that is there just waiting to be found. Following intuition (gut feeling) will serve you just as well as having all the Psychic abilities. The foundation of any Energy work, spell work, mediumship, psychic, healing, divination is all about trusting your intuition.

My new Tarot deck has arrived! Buttttt……one should read the product description before you buy on line, duh! So I ended up with a Mini set rather than a standard size – size isn’t everything (which is the biggest lie going, it is!) So last night I unpacked them, blessed them gave them a shuffle and asked them to tell me about me. Out popped the Hermit and the Magician – yep I can take that – basically they told me I was a solitary witch – brilliant so there is a good chance these cards are going to work for me. Did a quick spread, asking about a past situation, something I ready know the out come, and they where bang on to the point of being spooky. I’m going to love working with my Witches Tarot deck, even if they are little ones. I think they will work very well with the Tarot Spell book I’m reading at the moment, and I will keep them for that purpose. Means I can leave the spread out for a couple of day’s and still use my trusted Ryder Wait Smith for daily work. Now the real question is, did I need a new deck? Heck no! Like most Tarot Readers I have about 10 decks of Tarot / Oracle already! So why did I get a new one. Well I’ve known about this deck for a while, Oh they look nice, and kinda left it at that. Then by chance, I got the opportunity to handle a deck of a friend (where talking cards here people!) and the intuition kicked in and I just knew I needed to get one. And I’m so glad that I did. Some times you just have to follow what your drawn to and go with the flow.

For anyone who was watching on Thursday here’s a list of books I mentioned during the evening.

Craft – How to a modern witch by Gabriela Herstik

Tarot Spells by Janina Renee

Living Wicca by Scott Cunningham

Incense, oils & brews by Scott Cunningham

Sigil Witchery by Laura Tempest Zakroff

Hope you all have a blessed week, laters witch’s!

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