8th May 2020

Good Morning Witches!

I hope y’all have had a wonderful week. I’ve had the week off work, a much needed rest and rejuvenate time. As soon as I get away from the normal hustle and bustle of daly life then I always start to feel like the witch I know I am. One of the first sign’s of that happening is that my creative juice’s start a flowing, and this week has been no exception. I’ve made up a new Hoodie, made Greetings cards, sorted through photo’s and even checked off my bank statements! How’s that for a week off!

The one thing that I have trouble with is it all comes crashing back down when I go back to work 🙁 I always start off with good intentions and for a few days will carry on with meditating and trying to be mindful – in the moment and notice the things that are going on around me. But usually by the end of the first week back then that has all gone to pot! I’ll be knackered and grumpy and find it hard to muster the energy to do even the simplest of Rituals at Full Moon and as for planning ahead for the next Sabbat, forget it. I’ll do what witch’s have done for centuries, grab what ever is in the cupboard and make do. Note – Mew Moon on Tuesday so if there is any spell casting to be done to draw in new things, then I need to get it organised by Monday night!!!

The point is, as most people know, life gets in the way of even the things we hold most dear. But it is down to us to try and hold on to what we have in our heart’s and soul’s and never forget who we truly are. We are Witch’s, we have access to untold powers and ways of working, now get out there and do your thing! So remember to wear you Amulets and Talisman, put those crystals in your pocket, take time to be aware of your surroundings and connect in to the energy of place. Thinking about it, Tuesday would be a good time to do a “keep connected” Ritual, I’ll have to have a think about that one and see what I I can come up with!

This week I’m doing a “live” with Rachael and Nici, on the Thursday 13th at 7.30pm with the Real World Spirituality group We will be talking all things Witchy. How I came to this path, how we use it, the spiritual side of The Craft, and the different paths of a witch. Should be a good evening, it’s always a giggle when us 3 get together and have a good chin wag. I have a feeling that the lovely topic of Sex Magick will come up at some point, you don’t want to miss that one!

Hope you all have a blessed week, Laters Witch’s!

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