1st May 2021 Beltane

Good Morning witches! And a blessed Beltane to you all.

The wheel of the year moves ever forward and we have reached the feast of Beltane. The marking of time when The God, born of The Goddess at Yule, reaches maturity and takes his place as The Goddess’ lover and companion. For me this year, Beltane has come at the most perfect time, as I find myself to be a single witch again! Although being single again does suck a bit, I’m happy in myself to say that we tried this time round and it just didn’t work out. I hope that we stay friends, he’s not a bad bloke but it just didn’t work out for us this time round. So this Beltane marks a refresh on the love front. So if there are any single male witch’s reading this face a hock up then give me a shout – ideally tall, hairy, bottom – well, gotta set the intention!, but any one with a good heart and looking for more than a snog in a dark carpark would be good, although that is always an option if your in to that kind of thing!

There are many, many ways to celebrate the midway point between Spring and Summer Solstice’s. There is a tradition that Fire is used in same form – me and the other 3 witch’s have a fire party planned for next weekend. Fire can be seen as the great cleanser, back in the old days live stock was driven between to bonfires to cleans and bless them for the rest of the year, allowing for a good crap of young cows and piggies later on in the year. Even today we use fire to cleans out stuff we no longer need or want. Write down the things your trying to get rid of – a bad habit, an ex boyfriend, a crap job. Fold the paper 4 times and set fire to it (in a safe environment of course) as the paper burns visualise all the negative being consumed and take up and away as the smoke curl’s it’s way skyward. Then on a new fresh bit of paper write down all the things you wise to come in to your life. I then put that in to one of my Altar boxes’ with a suitable crystal and selected herbs. Then each night for a couple of weeks spend some time holding the box, visualising all that you wish for coming in to your life. Don’t forget that you have to do your part in any Magickal work. So if you’ve ordered up a new boyfriend then get out and about and meet people, update the dating app profile’s. If your after a new job, make sure you daily search the job web sites etc. Don’t expect things just to fall in to your lap cause you’ve cast the spell. You need to do you bit too.

Beltane is also a reminder that I should have gotten all my seed’s in. One thing I miss about being between homes at the moment is having a garden to potter around in. Although my little pot herb garden is doing well already this year, I should be able to harvest and dry my own lavender this year, I can’t wait till I get to have my own garden again.

This past week has also seen me reach the 4th anniversary of my heart attack. I’m very pleased to be able to say that this year I’ve seen it as a celebration of the 4 years I have since, which I very nearly didn’t. It’s been, still is, an on going part of my life. I don’t think you ever truly get over things like that. You learn to come to terms with what happened, learn to live with the changes it brings and learn how to keep on going. Getting over the physical side of it wasn’t to bad, but for me coming to terms with the mental health side has been, and still is, a hard wok. But it’s a work in progress and I’m now starting to feel more like my old self again. One thing they don’t tell you enough during rehab is that it takes time and you have to allow it to take all the time it needs. As well as the changes in diet and looking after yourself.

Hope you all have a blessed week, have fun tonight if your celebrating or doing any spell work, laters witch’s

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