24th April 2021 – Pink Moon!

Good Morning Witches!

This week ahead (Tuesday) is full moon, Pink Moon. It’s called a pink moon, not cause of it’s colour although it can look slightly pink, but because it’s timing is with the cherry tree blossom. Although I must admit I like the idea of a pink moon, even more as we have session 13 finale of Drag Race USA this weekend. This moon is full in Scorpio, well known to be serious about there sexual energy. If your ever lucky enough to get a Scorpio in to bed, you usually sure of a good time, I can honestly say that to be true as the few Scorpio men I have bedded have always been a good night……oh the memories of a mis-spent youth!!

Pink moon is a good time to practice with the Psychic powers you have, so get your cards out and do a little bit of poking around and see what you learn. When the moon is in Scorpio, it’s a time when long hidden secrets may be revealed! So this weekend make a list of all the things you might need to do this full moon

  • Put crystals out for cleansing
  • Make Moon Water
  • Call down the Moon
  • Cleans Tarot Cards
  • What spell work needs to be done
  • Moon Bathing – now that it’s not so cold!
  • Do you have an oils, balms, talisman, amulets, sachets that could do with a bit of moon energy

What a difference a bit of warmth makes! This week on my evening walks through the woods I’ve been surprised at the colour of the Primrose’s and Blue Bells this year, for some reason they seem brighter and more alive then I can remember them looking for a long time. We have some domestic gardens backing on to a part of the path I usually walk, and yesterday in the evening sun I could smell the Daffodils from the gardens, it was wonderful. This noticing the flowers this year, and at this time is a good sign to me that after the resent weeks of stress, PTSD flip outs and anxiety over what was going to happen, that I am startling to climb out of that hole. No matter what your witch path is, we have a link with nature. Be it wood lands, the coast line, mountain views, or just your local city park, or your own garden. Witches should be encouraged to get out in to the fresh air and feel the energy’s around them coming from nature. If you follow the Wheel of the Year, you will see as the wheel turns (we are coming up to Beltane) and the sessions march along, you will see the connection between the events happening in nature around you and the Sabbats’ we celebrate. For any witch who is feeling out of sorts and not sitting right in her energy, the first thing I would recommend is to get out side, go for a walk, stop and really look at what is happening. The miracle of spring is unfolding around us, get out there and be part of that energy! And yes, if you feel it’s right, go hug that tree, honey.

Last night I had the strangest dream…..i sailed away to china, in a little row boat to find ya…..(break my stride – Matthew Wilder) in cause you where wondering which song my brain had picked out of the juke box of obscure music I keep in my head…. It was kind of like an Emperors new clothes situation. Not that I would every appear naked in public – I would never….well Ritual and the odd carpark meet aside – it was more about being out in public as your true self, and seeing the whisper’s and looks from other people and feeling ashamed and ridiculed for being me. At the moment I have no idea why this dream got dreamt. Although the music choice I just came up with might be a clue. I like to think at the age of 47, I have no problem with what other people think of me, I’m just doing me and you can come along for the ride or get of the bus, being a statement I hold dear to my heart. That includes all of me by the way, my witch side, my gay side, my mental health issue’s, my liking of obscure music, all included. I’m me, it’s taken a long time to work that out and start to love me for it, if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love any body else? (RuPaul) I’m not sure why I had to share that today but it felt right to do so. So for those who are feeling the glare of others and the questioning of conservative minds, strap on your big girl pants, grab you broomstick and shout as loud as you can “FUCK YOU!” Note….in place of broom stick, grab what ever it is that makes you different….your gayness, your bi side, your love for dark clothing, your tarot deck, your fluffy pink unicorn, your heavy metal albums, what ever it is that makes you, you! Stand on the tallest box you can find and tell them all to go do one. Somewhere out there your tribe is waiting for you to come home and be loved.

Have a blessed week, laters witchs!

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  1. love, love, love! In sooooo many ways <3

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