17th April 2021 – Is it better to play in a group, or on your own?

Good Moring Witches!

Ah that age old question! I’ve always preferred 1-2-1 myself, but that’s story’s for another blog – an x rated one.

This week has been fantastic as far as Magickal work goes, me and the other 3 witches gathered together to do some energy shifting and to clear out some shoddy spell work from an area in the south of England. For me this is an example of the type of witchcraft I love. 4 very different, following different paths, very experienced witches came together, bring our own skills and gifts, to work together to bring about a positive change. One of us brought crystals to charge up and leave to aid the spell work, one of us made up a powerful Sigal on the spot to focus the spell, one brought enchanted oils to add energy and another brought salts to bless the work we where doing. We hadn’t discussed what we would bring before hand, we all just brought what we would work best with, and what we grabbed on the way out of the door. We “read” the area (using Psychic abilities to read the energy’s present and to work out what had been placed by spell work / intent) put together the spell using the tools we had brought with us. Charged up the spell and placed it in the area to do it’s thing. As we realised the spell I could feel the ground underneath my feet vibrate as the spell energy went out to do the group we needed it to do,. It was a fantastic afternoon’s work, which we all enjoyed doing and just shows what can happen when you get together with other likeminded folk.

So in answer to the question, is it better to play together or on your own? As always the answer is, depends on what your intention is and what the job in hand is for.

Never underestimate the power of a solitary witch to bring about change and the energy in their spell work. I know from personal experience that, me as a solitary witch working on my own, have had some wonderful success with my own projects and workings. I’ve also had some that have bombed big time, but your learn on the job as a witch so you know better for next time. You do the things you need to do and work the mundane side so that the spell energy can do it’s job. There are things you can do if a spell bomb’s, but that’s a blog for another day.

Could either one of us, working on our own, have done the work the group did? Yes we could have. So why did we do it as a group? Because we went to help out a friend. And that is where the true Magick is. Either one of us could have gone down to the area, laid some crystals, thrown some salt around and been successful in moving on the energy block that had been placed there by others. But 4 of us, coming together, with the intent of supporting and helping out a member of our little group, with mutual love and respect for each other and our own ways of working, had more of an effect, working together, for a common goal. And that is true Magick and true spell work at it’s best. And I was proud to be a part of that little moment of cosmic harmony.

Oh and in case your wondering, did it work? Was the energy successful moved? Where the shoddy spell’s removed? You can bet your sweet arse it worked!!!

This week I launched my new on line service, Consult the Witch. If you need advice or help to sort out a problem, to seek answers, a little bit of magick to help you along, then please do get in touch. Pop along to the consult page on this site and fill in the form. Out of all the work I have done over the years one of the best things for me is being able to sit down with someone and help them through readings, crafting up talisman, sachets or oils for them. And I’m so pleased that I’m now able to put this out on line and be able to help more people. If your not sure then please read the reviews on my FB page and I’ll soon be adding a review page to this site too.

As always please leave comments on the blog and I hope you all have a blessed week.

Later’s Witch’s

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  1. Can’t get these Placebo lyrics out my head!
    “A friend in need’s a friend indeed,
    A friend who’ll tease is better,
    Our thoughts compressed,
    Which makes us blessed,
    And makes for stormy weather”

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