A special announcement

Good morning witch’s!

For countless generations people have consulted the local witch. From the dawn of time witchs, cunning women have served there community’s in child birth, herbal remedies, guidance from the spirit and much more. Even in the bible, Saul consulted the witch of Endor before going in to battle (1 Samuel 28). From the Oracle of Delphi to Old Mother Shipton we have welcomed and served the community’s we live in

With that tradition in mind I am pleased to announce the launch of my new Consult the Witch service. No matter what your issue is, I will do my best to guide you on your way forward

With 10 years experience in giving guidance through Tarot cards and Psychic readings at fairs and events through out the Uk, I will help you find the best way to move forward in your life. If you would benefit from any Magical help I will craft you a personalised magical package. Be that a bit of spell work for you to do or a talisman to fend of the negative energy’s around you or a potion or an anointing oil. A special herbal bath salt or a herbal sachets. I will then send this to you through the post with an information sheet of how to use it.

Also with my knowledge and qualifications in Spiritual and life purpose coaching I will help you find the answers that your are seeking

So how do you get to use this wonderful service. It’s very easy. On the readings and coaching page of the web site you’ll find a form to fill in with a brief description of what you need help with. Fill it in and hit the send button. I’ll read through and if I think I can help you then I’ll be in touch to make a Skype call appointment so we can talk through your need and how best to help you. At the same time I’ll send a PayPal invoice to be paid before the call. No payment no call.

Then I’ll make up your package and send it to you through registered post.

Terms and conditions are on the web site.

I’m really looking forward to this new way of helping the community I live in

Blessed be, laters witch’s!

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  1. so excited about this service! Amazing!

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