10th April 2021 – oh, just a mundane week

Good Morning witch’s!

Oh well it’s just been a mundane week, and by that I don’t mean it’s been boring – far from it, but there has been a lack of magical activity this week. I’m happy to report that my PTSD flip out from last week has loosened it grip, in that my heart rate has returned to something a bit more normal, although I suspect the memory of the event will continue to bounce around my head like an echo in an empty cave for a while yet. But with the help of a very supportive line manger and Senior management team I should be able to keep a better control on my triggers at work.

No, what I mean by it being a mundane week (mundane, in case you didn’t know is what we witch’s call anything that isn’t linked to The Craft – because it’s just mundane!) is that because my head has been rented space out to the anxiety monster it’s been hard to keep focus on witch stuff. But that’s ok, we have to deal with the here and now, as well as keep an eye on what’s happening in the shadows and other magical places. So don’t ever beat yourself up if you’ve not noticed that it’s Full Moon tomorrow and you’ve done nothing to prepare for it, or that it’s a Sabbat at the weekend and the rice salad you’d promised to bring to the moot is still at the planning stage and the super market close’s in an hour. Life, as ever get’s in the way and has to be be dealt with. But you can always rely on other witch’s to take up the slack – some where another witch will have made enough rice salad to feed an army, and some one else is making enough moon water to flood a field. Somewhere, in this great and wonderful planet, another witch has your back. And that’s just as true for us Solitaries as for those who love Coven life. So dust of your Altar, light a candle, place an offering in the bowl and set your intention to keep a more closer eye on what is happening in your witch world as well as trying to make a costume for the kids play for tomorrow which they only told you about last night.

This week hasn’t totally been with out it’s magical moments though. Tarot course on Wednesday, which as ever was a joy to co-host with the wonderful Rachael. And I’ve laid plans for a new project that I hope to announce in the next week or two that I hope you all will love and support. It’ll see me putting myself back out there and getting right out of my comfort zone, and I’ve not felt this nerves about a project since I did my first paid for Tarot readings in Belfast 10 years ago. Just to tease a little, I’ll be putting all my experience from the last ten years, and all that I’ve learned on my journey in to the witching world together, to create what I hope will be a invaluable service to those with the need to use it.

This week is a New Moon (12th April) New Moon in Aries, which is appropriate if I manage to get the new project finished this week. Aries is the latin for Ram, a Ram’s head is a used as a symbol of power, Ram’s are knowing for butting there heads and taking life head on so for a New Moon in Aries, it’s a good time to get out of your comfort zone, realise your strengths, throw caution to the wind, act on your gut feeling and start the things you’ve been putting off – yea ok Ancients I get the message!!

I hope you all have a blessed week, please leave comments and sign up for the email list

Laters witchs!

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