3rd April 2021 – oh shit

Good Morning Witches! oh shit, it’s been one of those weeks! This week I had a PTSD flip out which wasn’t pretty for those involved. This isn’t a blog about my mental health, but because it’s a part of me and somthing that I live with my PTSD and Anxiety do play a big part in how I see and deal with the world, and because of that they do effect my Craft and how I work. Thank the Goddess that I’m diagnosed with mild PTSD so I don’t suffer like those brave brothers and sister’s who have seen major battles in war time or seen friends blown to bits during routine patrols in far away lands. But coming to terms with what your brain does in times of stress and troubles and learning how to cope with it is a life long path, there is no quick fix. So for those of you that do live with these conditions, be that in a small way like me or in a big way when even getting out of the door in the morning is a hard task. Then please do understand that you are not alone and there are people out that understand.

Little report back on last week’s blog – it’s to early yet to tell if the No More Bullshit oil and spell has worked, although early signs are encouraging. I’ll let you know what happens on that one.

One of the big topics in the FB Groups this week has been, to spell or not to spell. When to use Magick and when not to. I’ve always believed that you should use Magick when you need to. Magick can help you in all area’s of your life, however depending on the out come you are trying to manifest, then use your Magick wisely. Most times you can get the result your looking for with mundane skills and tools as you can using Magick. For example, before you reach for a binding spell to stop that creepy guy in accounts from making sexually inappropriate remarks every time you walk through Admin, a well aimed fuck off might work just as well. As well as reporting him to HR. If that fails then by all means freeze the bugger in a bag in the icebox of your fridge.

Your restless at work and you really need a new job, then by all means cast out a work seeking spell, but remember that if you don’t do the foot work as well, then a new job is unlikely to just fall in to your lap. You still need to update the CV, hunt through the Job sites on the interweb, and search the job ad’s in the paper. You still need to do the leg work to make it happen. Same with finding a new love interest. Cast a non-person specific love spell (you can’t do it with a person in mind as that’s interfering with free will and trying to change a person, which under the “do no harm” rule is a big no-no) but you then can’t plant your arse on the sofa and expect UPS to delivery the man of your dreams (unless you have a thing for delivery guys I guess) you still need to update the grinder profile (tinder if your straight) and get out and about so that you can meet people.

So there are times when Magick first followed by the leg work, and some times its a case of Mundane action first then Magick if the Mundane fails you.

Another topic being pulled apart this week is the differance between a “magical practitioner” vs a “true witch”

Now this can be a thorny subject in the community but I understand it like this. A magical practitioner is someone who use’s magic to manifest their desires. A “true witch” use’s magic as part of a personal spiritual practice, usually nature based – like Wicca (other forms of religious practice are available) For me personally I call my self a witch because I use magic and ritual as part of my religious practice to connect in with the Goddess and the God, and the mystery’s of the Universe. Using my Goddess given gifts of Psychic ability and empathic nature to better the world I live in for myself and those I love. I offer up prayers of thanks to the Goddess and God daily (more on that another time as it’s a big subject and one I’ve struggled with) I leave out offerings when I do spell Casting and offerings of thanks, I follow the “rules” of my craft and honour my brothers and sisters – human, animal and plant – and do my best to follow the guidance I get from the Goddess in all area’s of my life. I dont always succeed in those aims but trying to be a better witch from learning from my fuck up’s.

A Magical practitioner, so the FB groups would say, will throw around spells and energy without to much mind of the consequences. As long as they get what they want, that’s all that matters. Because they by-pass there own moral standards and the rules of the Craft. I certainly know “witch’s” that act in that way and I usually give them a wide berth when I see them out and about at gatherings and MBS event’s. Now I’m not judging in anyway, each to there own path, and Karma / the rule of 3, will catch up with them and it’s not my way of doing things, but it was intresting to read through some of the comments on the FB groups.

As always please leave comments, if there is somthing you’d like to ask, would be interested to know about an aspect of my craft. Have a blessed week

Laters Witch’s

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  1. Rachael says:

    Really wonderful energy on this blog! ๐Ÿ˜ Magical practitioner is an interesting phrase. Like you say doesn’t matter what label you give yourself, working to your morals & true intentions is the key in any energy work. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

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