27th March 2021 – What a week!

Good Morning Witches! Wow what a week! It’s been a fantastic week for lots of reasons, Ostara, Full moon (Sunday) and I’ve had 2 days off work this week that’s given me time to do a little bit of Kitchen Witch work.

Ostara this year really kicked in with new start’s and new situations for most of our little group that meet up for the Sabbats and Quarter feast days. With out spilling the Tee cause what’s said and happens in circle (even a virtual one) stays in circle, but some exciting projects and Magical work to look forward to in the coming months. Although our little group make it very clear we are NOT a coven, it’s so nice to know that we’ve got a little group of witch’s that have each others back and will support us through the rough and tough times. And as they dance with us in the rain, we also share in the celebrations as well.

For those that follow on the Socials you’ll have seen that on my days off this week I made up some Full Moon Goddess ointment. My first try and at a bees wax and oil base and I’m very pleased with the result and I’ll only have to tweak the recipe a little bit when I make up the next one. It’s dead easy to make up and I’ve tested it, it works very well, the little bit I popped on to my 3rd eye has made me feel more connected then I have done in a while. This week I’ll be making up some anointing oil. For years I’ve been using one that I brought in from a well known (in the uk) supplier of witchey items. But it’s always best to make up your own stuff as it will have the energy of your intention added to it when making it up. I’ll let you know how it works out. You can follow me on FB or Insta. Come and say hello, like, follow and all the rest of the things the kids do on the Socials apps. Facebook And I can report back that the incense I made up for Ostara worked wonderfully well, I’ll be doing more of that one for sure.

Wednesday night was Lesson 4 of our “Not just any old Tarot Course” that me and Rachael’s Reiki Healing and Beyond are doing this year. I’m so pleased with the progress the students are making and they way they are connecting in with there cards is just wonderful. I have a feeling we will be running the course again towards the end of the year so I’ll post out events when we know when. As a lot of you will know me and Rachael have worked closely for many years and have run Development Groups, Healing circles, Discussion groups and much more together. We had the same Reiki Master back in the day and it’s all flowed from there.

Hello! now that’s a strange image to be adding to a witch’s blog! One of the things that me and Rachael love doing most is what we call field work – going to site’s of interest and using our Psychic abelites to feel the energy at those sites. We’ve had walks around the Medieval City of Winchester, White Hill on the South Berkshire Downs and a old Victorian train station, as well as many others. We feel in to the energy and with the right protections in place, see what is there. Are they are Spirit’s to help move on, if it’s an ancient site – like white hill – is there a Guardian in place. We even came across a Water Elemental in a dried up river bed once. So as part of my Ostara prep I went for a walk around the old Greenham Common Air base. Now back in the 1980s RAF Greenham Common was where the American Air Force kept missiles during the cold war. It was famous in the UK for the Peace Women who camped out at the main entrance of the base. Anyways…..these are the bunkers that housed the nuclear missiles. Now I’ve walked the common for many years since the Americans left and I know that there are several Spirit’s still around including a WW II pilot looking for his lost lover, an American General who was killed in a motor car accident and there is the residual energy of a Coven (from about the 1800’s) in the woods at the west end of the base. (Don’t go anywhere near the woods at the east end of the base unless your in to dogging!) But it’s been a while since I walked around the bunkers. I’m pretty sure that some one has cast a protection / do not enter / warding off spell around the bunkers. You can feel it fizzing and popping in the air. I dont know if the spell was cast remotely or by someone on site, and it’s still active, so I’m guessing it was cast in the last 20 years or so – just after the base was released by the Americans. One day I’ll drag Rachael up there and see what she’ picks up from the area.

For me it’s a reminder to be careful about your spell casting, as others may feel it, and to make sure your intentions are for the Good.

So this weekend is the Worm Full Moon. The Worm moon so called because with the warmer spring weather and light rains the earth worms would start appearing above ground and the birds would start to use them for food again. As usual this full moon I have crystals to cleans and charge, a smoke cleansing to do and a call down of the moon to enjoy

I hope you all have a blessed week and a wonderful Full Moon. Don’t forget that here in the UK the clocks go forward Saturday night / Sunday morning. See you laters, witches!

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