20th March 2021 Ostara

Good Moring Witch’s and a blessed Ostara!

Hope you have all had a good week and on this chilly Ostara morn I hope your all well. Ostara, the celebration of new life and re-birth. When the Goddess returned from the Underworld and we celebrate the awakening of the Earth from it’s winter slumbers. Ostara is one of the 4 major Sabbats and should be another excuses to get out and party! But thanks to Miss Corona we’re still in lock down and if we’re being good little boys we should be celebrating at home. No evening naked dancing in the woods this year! So that slim little otter of a witch we had our eye on this time last year will have to wait a while longer 🙁 I wish is all I’m going to say to that.

So this year I’m trying somthing new when me and the other 3 get on line for our zoomie moot later tonight. As some of you who follow on Instagram will have seen I’ve pounded up my first ever batch of Incense. I will admit I’ve not tested any of it yet but it smells amazing sat in the jar. I got the recipe from Scott Cunningham’s Complete book of Incense, Oils & Brews so I’m hopeful that it’ll work wonders tonight. For those who don’t know, there are lots of reason’s to use incense. It can cleans your work area, depending on the ingredients it can add extra umph to your Magick (grab a book of correspondences), it lift’s up our prayers and intents to the Goddess and the God, and it just helps set the mood. I tend to use charcoal blocks with resins and herbs these days rather than stick or cone type incense. Although I do have a back flow cone holder as I like to watch the smoke curl it’s way downwards rather than go up! It’s a mind fuck if you think about it to hard. It also harks back to my Monastic days, the smell of Salt Peter sizzling when your first light your block always take me back to those last few moments in the Vestry before you head out all vestmented up for Mass. If I remember I’ll let you know how it smells when it’s being used – the incense that is.

As always on the Major Sabbats I’ll also be doing a Tarot reading to cover the time up to the next one. So at Yule I’ll do one that will last up to Ostara, then one to last up to Litha, and then one to last up to Mabon, and then the last one takes me back up to Yule again. Basically it’s a 3 month Reading. I use a spread that I came across many years ago, I can’t remember the name of the book it was in, it was a year diary/work book that I picked up one Christmas at a pop up Calendar Club stall in the local shopping centre one year but it has proved to be remarkably accurate ever since.

Give it a go and see if it works for you. It’s a spiral layout and can be hard to read but keep hold of it and at the end of the 3 months see if it was a good layout for you.

I’ve got a bit of time off work this week so I hope to start on some of the handy craft projects that have been backing up. I forgot to tell you that I made my own candle 2 week’s ago! I got my self a cheap candle making kit off Ebay (i’m a great ebay shopper!) and melted down all the left over was end’s from Candle spells and those little bit’s that are left over in the bottom of Yankee Candle jars. I know when you’ve finished with a spell candle you should dispose of the ends, but rather than litter the woods with bit’s of wax or burying them at a cross road’s, as you melt down the ends it releases the left over spell energy so it’s save to use. I’ve added some lavender oil to re-sent it, although it smells most of the Yankee Candles. It was a good way to waste a bit of a time on a cold Sunday.

What ever you end up doing tonight, have fun, stay safe and have a blessed Ostra

Laters witch’s’

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