13th March 2021

Good Morning Witches,

Wow it’s truly been one of those weeks! For various reason’s my stress, anxiety and heart rate levels are all way higher than they should be. High stress and heart rate is not a good combo for me, what with my dickie ticker so this week I’ve had a to take a step back from a personal situation so I can take a proper look and try and work out what happened, own my faults in it and hopefully wait for the other person to get their shit together.

So as witch’s what can we do when we’re faced with situations like this? Stress and anxiety are never nice things to try and manage. For those of us who have long term, I don’t want to say issues/problems because this stuff is wired in to us, it’s part of us and unless you go completely down the chemical root (tablets, anti-depressants) it is about trying to keep everything on a level that is workable so we can keep up a daily routine and positive life. Now firstly I’m not bashing those that do use and benefit from doctor prescribed drugs. It’s never a route I’ve been willing to take, if it works for you then that’s all hunky-dory.

I’ve always preferred the manage it route. so here are my top tips for managing stress and anxiety.

Walking – There is nothing better than a walk. Even in these worrying times we’re allowed out for exercise. I’ve never been a runner, but if that’s your thing then strap on your running shoes and your shorts and get out there. For me it’s more a case of plunging my feet in to wellis, pulling on a warm coat and getting out in to the woods. Walking in the woods for me gives me a chance to breath, to spend mindful moments looking at the tress and plants. In this damp weather there are deer track’s and badger tracks to following in the mud. See how many sets of paw prints you can find in the mud. Stop and hug an oak tree, they don’t mind – in fact they love it as much as we do – but if your not sure ask first. If your lucky enough to have a woods with a stream (or a drainage ditch like my local woods) it will still give that sound of running water. Just pause for a moment or two and listen. There are a lot of dog walkers that use our local woods and I love watching a great big, bouncy, lopping, retriever or over excited cocker spaniel jumping through the Bracken and undergrowth. When the weather gets a little warmer then the young birds start to hatch you can hear them calling mum and dad back to the nest to be fed. At the moment the snowdrops are still in flower and primroses are just starting to keep through. See there is a reason why Witch’s do it in the woods!!!

Meditation and mindfulness. Although a nice idea, at times like this when you’ve got thoughts tumbling over and round your head, trying to get them to shut up long enough so you can get in to a meditation is hard going. But with practice it can be done. Mindfulness works better for me at these times. I do use an App – Calm is my chosen app – and the daily 10 minute lead mindful sessions do help to reduce the traffic in my head.

Oils – And im not talking vegetable or GTX engine oil here. These little wonders and the help with anxiety and stress is a relatively new one for me. Now I’ve used essential oils in diffusers for years and quite often have a mix of lemon and eucalyptus on the go when I’m sat writing this stuff (nearly said shit then). More recently as I’ve been looking at the use of Oils in there Magickal use I came across a little recipe for a stress oil, which I now carry around with me all the time, right next to my GT Spray for Angina attacks.

For a 10ml roller bottle, easily and cheaply found on Ebay. You would be looking for about 9 drops in total, although I tend to double that because of my crap sense of smell.

Bergamont, Lavendar, Rose or Palmarosa and then top up the bottle with a carrier oil – Im using grape seed at the moment but use what ever you would normally. Yes here you can use Vegetable oil or olive oil if that’s all you’ve got.

At times of deep stress or when I see the warning signs coming on then I dap a little on to the pulse points (side of neck, wrists) and roll it across my forehead. It does help to bring down the anxiety levels. Of course amend it to which oils work best for you.

Journaling – I’m a great believer in journaling, there is somthing about getting all that noise and crap out of your head and on to paper. It can help clear thought path ways, so you can see though and behaviour patterns, it’s like unloading on to a good friend and for me helps free up RAM space in my head so that I can have a “normal” day or a good nights sleep.

so my top tips for helping to manage stress and anxiety. Of course if things are really bad then seek professional help. I would also recommend that you give a fav Podcast of my a listen – Phone a friend with George Ezra and Ollie MN. Listening to these two nutcases talk about their dealings with mental health has helped me to come to terms with my own little mental hiccups.

So as we head in to another week, remember it’s New Moon tonight (Saturday) and I spend my week clutching a rose quartz in one hand and a smoky quartz in the other, prayer to the Goddess for clarity, insight and that love over comes all, as I hate to lose a friend who has stood by me in the past and I hope they know I’m here when they are ready to talk. Have a blessed week Laters witch’s

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