6th March 2021

Good Morning witch’s!

Well it’s been another crazy week, with less and less of my time feeling like it belongs to me, hope that isn’t a sign of how this year is going to pan out.

One of the little joys of this week, I now have all the ingredients I need to start pounding up my own incense! Back in the day when I did the rounds of the MBS Fairs, which really was only before lockdowns started, part of the fun for me doing them was the sourcing of stock and finding things to have on my stall. And I’m having the same little bit of pleasure shopping around for spell, potion, remedy stuff too. Perhaps I really am just a shopper at heart, which is a big acknowledgment for a gay that failed cloth shopping at Gay school, along with interior design and grooming, I make up for it in other ways ;). Other big things bring the boys in to my yard. I’ve also had a delivery of Bee’s wax chips for candle making and other odds and ends that I hope to craft up some stuff to add to the on-line shop pretty soon. Hench my moan about lack of time, things I want to get done are being pushed to make space for “normal” stuff like working and food shopping.

It was strange this week stumbling across one of those “how to manage your time” articles on-line – thanks Ancestors I get the hint – once you’d taken out all the crap about working hard at your job to achieve material status, the basics of it was to follow the things that give you pleasure and bring a smile to your face.

In my idea world I would be working part time to cover the bills and using the rest of my time to do the hobbies and work on my Magick. One day I hope I’ll be able to do this. Till then it’s trying to get as much done at the weekends as I can. Not ideal but goals I can work towards.

Which is perfect as the wheel of the year turns towards Ostara and the spring equinox. I now have a goal to work towards. so perhaps this year will turn out better, yay! Now all I have to do is sit and do the things I’ve got the stuff for, so here’s to a quiet afternoon making stuff and enjoying it! Simple pleasure’s are some times the best ones.

Hope you all have a wonderful week, laters witch’s

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