27th February 2021

Good Morning witches!

I thought, seeing as we are at Full Moon this weekend, that we’d run through some of moon stuff. You’ll hear me talk a lot about it, and it might help explain some of the ways I do my Craft and Magick.

As a mere slip of a thing, young lad, teen and now heading in to my “mature years” (not my 20’s and 30’s as I was else where in the world), growing up and learning in the deep darkest country side of West Berkshire the nights I remember most are the nights of the full moon. Through out my life she has been my constant guide and companion from those first early welly steps around the woods, to the joy’s of snogging under her light when I found out what boys where really for, to now as I gaze upon her mystery and power, from late teens spent driving around the country side at night under her light, to being struck by her power to illuminate the path from house to chapel back in my monk days, to now as the moon represents to me the Goddess in all her forms. She has always been there for me in some way of another.

This, I like to think, is a link I have right back through the centuries to when we first crawled out of the caves and looked upwards. (I know that’s not how Human kind started, i’m allowed to use a little bit of poetic license) We have been fascinated by the moon ever since. With the power to light the darkest night, to pull the oceans around the globe, to kick start mass spawning events in all fish and animals a like. Ever shagged under a full moon? If you haven’t then what the hell have you been doing all these years? Get out there and with your chosen for the night enjoy the power, energy and magick of a moon light fuck. The story’s I could tell about that! but that’s for another time.

How we see the light of the moon, depends on where the earth is in it’s orbit to the sun, and where the moon is in it’s orbit of the earth. The moon takes roughly 28 days to orbit the earth (which is why some calendar months we get 2 full moons) and it’s the amount of light that the moon is reflecting from the sun that we see as the phases of the moon. It’s pretty simple really but still one of the most awe-inspiring events of Nature.

We always start off with a New moon, the moon at it’s darkest. I personally rest over the New Moon nights. One of the ways you can use the Moon Phases is a a mini wheel of the year, so when the moon is at it’s darkest it’s like the dark winter months with not a lot happening and a chance to rest and reflect on the past year/month and how you would like to move forward in the next year/month.

For New moon and Full moon, you always get 3 nights to do any spell work – night before, night of, and night after. That’s the energy window you get to play in.

From New moon, through Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous to full moon, it’s tradition that you use this energy to attract in the things you need/want with your spell work, meditations and prayers. This is the best time for love spells, money spells, good luck spells etc. Anything that is positive. These couple of weeks are like from Yule round to Beltane, where your growing your crops, planting your seeds and enjoying Nature reawaken from the winter months.

The 3 nights of the Full moon are nights when you can do any magick of any kind. The power of the Full moon will give added umph to any spell work, any Ritual and Ceremony. Knock yourself out and do some of your most daring work in these nights. I personally do the usual run of the mills stuff. I have a full moon Ritual that I use, lay my crystal’s out to re-charge, make moon water and when it’s the warmer months I’ll lay out in the moon light re-charging my own energy with moon power. Best done naked, hence the warmer months. I’m well past the stage when I can do naked in the middle of winter! If you’d asked me 25 years ago I would have been well up for it, which reminds me of a nice lad I once knew back in the early 90’s……but that’s another story. Full Moon nights are the time of Litha, mid-summer the power and the energy are roughly the same.

After Full Moon we go in to the Waning stage’s of Moon Phase. Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, Wanning Crescent back to New Moon. Year of the wheel this from Lughnasadh to Samhain. Traditionally this is the time to unleash the banishing spells and the “fuck of out of my life” Rituals. When we banish all the negative and the things, places, people that no longer serve us.

Now we all know that we should follow the timing for Spell work, but never wait to do a spell if it needs to be done right now! If you need to get that person out of your life, then don’t wait for the Last Quarter moon some time during Mabon. If they need to go then get it done. Same as if you need to get something in quickly then don’t wait. BUT if your working on long term goals and plans, then stick to the moon phases as that will only help out your spell work.

Now we’ve had a little romp through Moon Phases your properly non the wiser and still confused. As with all things Magick and Craft time and practice makes all things clear and well.

Have a blessed week and don’t forget to put your crystals out to charge in the moon light tonight. Laters Witches!

Ps the moon phases are on the calendar page if you need to keep track of them

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