20th February 2021

Good Morning witch’s! Well it’s over! This Mercury Retrograde officially ends today! Although there is always a little energy overspill before and after. I don’t know about you but this one had really put a big downer on life and I’m glad now that life can settle down for a bit.

For those that don’t know a Retrograde is when a plant travels “backwords” through it’s path (it doesn’t – because of earths position relative to Mercury, it looks like it’s traveling backwards through the sky) Mercury rules anything and everything to do with communication. Write, spoken, posted on line, electronic transfers, anything that needs something or some one to talk to something or some one. Bank transfers are held up, letters get lost, more than the normal crappy post’s on facebook etc. Me and my fella have had lot’s of problems as we communicate via email a lot of the time, joys of modern relationships, but thanks to a couple of Apple / MS update’s it’s not been as smooth as we are used to, which has proved a bit of confusion some times. I’ve had a couple of things delayed in the post, which meant I had to go chasing a refund that still hasn’t come in! So adding to the finical stress a little bit. So I’m very glad this one is over. Retrogrades happen 3 times a year because of the short orbit of Mercury. Next one is end of May till round about Summer Solstice. Then end of September till mid October, so keep an eye out during those times for the power of messed up tech and crappy communications.

Other than that it’s been a normal week over here in the caravan. Work is getting stressy and I’m longing for those wonderful days of Lockdown 1 when I was on a 3 days week and had somthing that looked like a work life balance. No such luck for Lockdown 2 – well we know what we’re doing this time, and we need to trade, was the message from those sat on their arse’s in front of there laptops at the kitchen table, other wise known as Head Office wankers, you know the one’s – the bean counters and those that come up with policy’s and way’s of working that never quiet work out cause they have never spent a day on the warehouse floor actually doing anything like work. Even more so at the moment cause we’re in the starting throw’s of a merger with another company that are a hell of lot more corporate than we are. But i’ll get of that soap box before I come up against the “social media policy” and actually tell truth to power.

So what have we got to look forward to this week? Saturday is Full Moon, Snow Moon, so I’ll try and spend sometime this weekend actually getting round to writing down my full moon ritual, instead of rushing around on Friday trying to remember it. I always miss out some part of it when I try and do it from memory. Like all things Craft my full moon ritual is one that I’ve kinda built up over the years, adding bit’s i’ve read, doing what feels right to do, and it’s very much my own. For the last 6 months I’ve been meaning to write it down and update the Book of Shadow but never got round to it. But it always work’s, so I get the feeling that The Goddess doesn’t mind to much if it isn’t a tightly run military style ritual. Like all things it’s the intent and thought behind it that makes it Magick rather than making sure you light the 3rd candle before the 2nd. Just make sure you’ve got all you need with you so you don’t break circle us less you really have to!

Have a blessed week y’all, catch you laters witch’s!

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