13th February 2021

Good morning Witch’s! Brrr it’s still cold! and to make life a little more intresting in the caravan my water pipes have frozen! The joys of outside living. Lucky for me that it’s the rubber pipe from the outside water butt that is frozen so when things warm up in the next couple of days there shouldn’t be any leak’s to deal with.

Hope you made use of the New Moon a couple of nights ago. I will admit that I sat this one out, it’s been a long week and I just didn’t have the energy to do anything magickal other than light a candle and acknowledge it was happening.

For some of you, I hope, tomorrow being 14th Feb will mean a little bit of romance will come your way. It’s been intresting this week, watching the Pagan and Witch Groups argue over if this is a Pagan/witch tradition. Some link it to the old Roman festival of Lupercalia (i’d never heard of it till season 2 of The chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix’s) of course there are the usual story’s of the early church turning it in to the non sexual St Valentines day, because it was basically an excuse for a roman style fuck fest, and that would never do for the straight laced men of the church. Plus it gave to much power to the lady’s which and that would never be anything the early church would have anything to do with. I’ve not done much research in to it but I like the idea that, like most things, it was a Pagan Festival once. So happy St V’s day to those lucky enough to have someone to share it with have a wonderful day. For those of us in non traditional’s remember to do somthing for your main play mate, I have things planned for me and my mister to enjoy, and for every one else, remember that although Mr Thumb and his 4 son’s might be seem to be a lonely option, somtimes it’s the best one! No one knows how you like it better than you!

This past week also was the first evening of Rachal and I doing our first on-line course. This season we’re helping 10 lovely soul’s to get to know and how best to work with there chosen Tarot deck. I’ve been using my Ryder Wait deck for over 10 years for personal use, reading for clients and more recently to help in spell work. There are as many different approaches to reading your cards are there practitioners. Like all things spiritual it’s your own path, learning and experiences that shape your understanding of the mysteries that the cards hold and share. We hope by the end of the 8 weeks our little band of 10 will have a good understanding of how they work with and interpret there cards. I’m never with out mine, they live in my man bag and are always with me ready to help guide me and others when the need comes up. Wednesday night was a brilliant start to the course and I’m sure we will be running it again next year if not again towards the end of this year so keep your eyes open on our facebook feeds for details.

My study time over the next few weeks is going to be taken up by these little wonders

Incense oils & brews I’m really looking forward to getting in to. Any witch worth her broomstick should know how to make her own oils and brews. I’ve got a few protection things already hidden up my clock sleeve but I’m really looking forward to adding to my store cupboard. I’ll do reviews of them when I’ve read them and share out my version’s of some of the more simple things you can do to help with your own magick and home protection in the coming months.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll catch you witch’s laters

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  1. So much I love. The phrase fuck fest is far underused! And it was a beautiful Wed eve. Also very interesting as into my own book of shadows is going I think 3 magical oil recipes (plus another 4 salt recipes I have sat there ready to go in!).

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