6th February 2021

Good morning witch’s

Now this little hiccup happened this week, and it threw me for a couple of days. During our Imbolc zoom moot one of our little group of 4 asked to read out a prayer, which is wonderful and we fully support others in our little group sharing stuff that has moved them, spoken to them, or they just like. What threw me was it was a Christian Prayer!!!!!! They did ask if they should swop out the “god” bits for Goddess, but the general opinion was to leave them in and work with the Pantheon that the prayer was written for.

Now before I go on this is no Christian bashing or moot member shaming. So if your thinking I’m about to throw a bit of shade, then trot off to the next blog.

So why did this throw me? Well those of you that know me, know I have a long and some times wonderful, other times shit, relationship to all things Christian. When I realised that I was being taken down the Witch Path, time to hug my inner Pagan, I did so with joy in my heart, looking forward to seeing the world through new eyes, getting to know and use new ways of working, worship, celebration and understanding how this crazy universe works. And it was the last big middle finger to mother church and the shit times we had.

Now I work purely with the Goddess and the Horned God. I don’t mix and match with other Pantheons like some do, more power to their Magick, and I do this because so far to date, they have been the only Deity’s ever to appear to me in Meditation and in dream, so that’s why I work with them. So for me I had made a choice to turn my back on my Christian past. I’ve looked at new Sacred text, understood the limits and restrictions the early church and the modern church place on its followers, torn up my limited thinking on gender, sexuality, seen it for the money making, power grabbing institution that it is, how it’s stolen from the us Pagans and twisted ancient rituals for it’s own goals. Ok may be a little Christian bashing going on here, but you get the gist.

I will admit that my first reaction about this prayer was No, get that thing away from me, it has no place here. And it was a pretty strong reaction. More than I thought it would be. Ive always said that I was at one with my Christian past, at peace with it and honoured it as it was something that makes me me. Buttttttt……it seems I’m not quiet at one as I thought I was.

This week in dreams at night I’ve had vision’s of priest’s, monks, nuns, bishops that I have known and even counted as friends once upon a time. How there teaching and life examples have guided me and helped shaped me. I remember very clearly the way Fr. Anthony SSM taught me how to Meditate, How Bishop Alan (Jarrow) gave me purpose and somthing positive to do when I was at a very low point in my life. How Abbot Basil OSB helped me work out where I should be in the spiritual world and how Sr Adele OHP (novice) reminded me that although we lived in the Holy Habit of Religion, we still had the ability to have fun and live as individuals. How Fr. Jonathan SSM taught me Plain song (monk singing) and how Rev. David (parish priest) guided me through my happy clappy evangelical stage. And the list goes on and on and on from Youth Group leaders to the highest ranks of the Clergy (yes I had a pint in a pub with the than Arch Bishop of Sydney)

I realised that this is my Christian heritage, the people and what they taught me spiritual. Not the jumped up rules and regulations of “The Church”. This was proper Christian witness, not some old dusty book of thou shall not’s.

So thank you, my fellow witch’s on our Imbolc Zoom for giving me the chance to have a fresh look, get a new understanding and helping me take another step to assimilating my past and being reminded why I should honour it.

Hope you all have a lovely week, laters witchs!

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  1. Nici Gorman says:

    Beautiful and what wonderful alchemy!

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