30th January 2021

Good morning Witch’s

Well it’s here, well almost. Imbolc! The first celebration of the new year, and it’s been a long time in coming believe me! Mid Winter, when the Crone is reborn as the Maidan. One thing I’d never noticed before, as I’ve been doing research in to this festival, is what a bunch of randy whatsit’s we ae! Looks like the ancestors, and ancient pagans would drop boxers and go at it at any given chance. From here on in, till about Mabon we where at it like rabbits! This season in nature is all about the warmth coming back, and when nature get’s warm things start to rise, sap in trees, blubs and plants start to bud and grow green, tall and strong. Food is planted to grow. Looks like it wasn’t the only thing on the rise either! Can you start to feel the rise of passion’s repressed in the darker months? I can honestly say that me and my fella are starting to get a bit a randy and playful at the moment, which for two gentleman of 47 and 53, who have been seeing each other for nearly 11 years that’s quiet good going. Even in the mythology, the Crone being reborn as the Maiden, with all the sexual undertones that that implies – a young comely wench, with heaving bosom, and long blonde hair etc etc – you can see why it didn’t take much for the old Pagans to get done to it.

Anyway, Imbolc. Is also known as Candlemas. As i’m sure I’ve said in post’s before, candlemas for the early church was all about getting ready for the year ahead. This is when you went and tapped your wealthy patrons, buy up all the candles you would need for the year ahead and bless them, ready for use. Now working that back (as we know almost every Christin Celebration is based on a Pagan festival) to the pre-christian times the early Pagans would be doing the same. This is when you check your seed stores, start to get out and make the field’s ready to plant, tidy up the gardens and get ready for nature to do it’s thing.

For us modern witch’s it’s a time for us to wake up from the slumbers of the winter months and also a time for us to get ready for the year ahead. Now I’ve seen lots about spring cleaning – clearing out the old junk ready for new and better things to come in, clearing down your altars to give them a bit of fresh air and get rid of old stale energys ready for the magick in the year ahead. Now is the time to plan any long term goals and work out the Magick you’ll be using to back them up. For me this year I have a feeling it’s going to be another year of fire fighting and reacting to situations as they come up, rather than trying to plan what I want to happen. There is still to much fluke’s in my world with my job now moving in to a time of change and uncertainty. My one constant this year again will be the moon cycle’s and the Magick I can do on those to help ease things as they come along. Indeed that may be the case for many of us in this uncertain times, so if you don’t pay much attention to the moon cycle then have a look at it and see if that can help you as it helps me.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a Blessed Imbolc. Catch you laters witch’s x

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