24th January 2021

Good morning witches!

By heck that’s a bit chilly this morning! But lovely to see some snow, a nice timing as well as we look towards Imbolc and the return of the warmth and the start of spring

Just little bit of house keeping to start off with, mine and Rachaels next on line course starts on the 10th of Feb. We always promised we would do an in depth Tarot workshop. Well in these wonderful times, face to face workshops aren’t allowed so we’ve adapted the one we’ve been working on to a 8 lesson course on line event starting on the 10th Feb. If you head over to Rachaels site you can book in for this course

Is it still January? When will this crazy month end? It’s been one of those weeks when it’s really just been Ground Hog day every day. Not much of a change from the daily routine and it’s when you start to ask why? What’s the point? When the days all merge in to one, and what I thought I did yesterday turns out to be two weeks ago. It’s times like this that I hanker after a bit of impulsive activity. A midnight walk along a beech, a cup of coffee at costa with a friend, a snog behind the band stand in the park, a wank in the woods, Perhaps lock down is getting to me after all.

I’ve got creative ideas on the bubble, awaiting Hermes / post man to deliver the bits I need. I want to get out in the garden and start to tidy up from the winter. I am resisting the urge to bash the credit card with some heavy on line retail therapy!

Everything seems to be stuck and on hold at the moment, which if you think about it is the perfect metaphor for the time of year we are in. Winter is starting to lose its icey grip, there is signs of life in the hedges and on the woodland paths, everything is a creative buzz, just waiting for nature to fire of the starting gun with a couple of days good strong sunshine and little rain.

One little bit of joy to look forward to this week is the full moon on the 28th. The wolf moon. So called because at this time of the year, mid winter, the Wolfe’s howled, hungrily at this moon. Little food to be hunted and in the bitter could of a North American winter, you’d be howling at the moon too. You can use the energy of the moon to get ready for Imbolc. Any crystals you need to charge up can go out in to the moon light, do you need to top up your moon water supplies (I do) then get your water and bottles ready. Any crafty spells that need to be done, cast them in the moon light to add to the power.

So although things may seem a little stuck in the mid winter cold, there are plenty of this you can be doing! So get of your bum and do them.

Have a blessed week and talk to you all soon, laters witch’s

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