16th January 2021

Good morning witch’s

It has been a strange week this week over here in the caravan, faces from the past popping up either in DM’s or in conversation and even dreams. All of which has been welcomed as its been good to catch up and spread a little bit of love along the way. I’m not a great social animal at the best of times – lock down usually means nothing changes for me – so it’s been nice to have happier times brought back to life.

I was going to do a whole blog on that age old subject of Cultural Appropriation. The subject came up in one of the facebook groups I’m in. A Native American Shaman asking us all not to call smudging smudging because only a Authentic trained Shaman could do it, and because we are not we shouldn’t call it that. I rolled my eyes and said bollocks. I suspect if I clicked on her profile, there would have been a link through to her web site and the offer of an Authentic Smudging costing the price of a meal for two in a good restaurant. But I can’t say that for sure as I didn’t look. I didn’t have to, I know it’s there.

In my practice I use bit’s of Eastern teaching, Buddhist meditation, Celtic Witchcraft, New Age healing, Western Monastic practice, to name just a few things that work for me. And that’s the point of it all. These things have been put out in to the world to help each person take the needed steps on their path. The trick is, to be mindful of what your using and why and to be respectful when doing it, honouring the Deity’s of the culture and respecting those who have worked it before. So little Miss stroppy Shaman, I do smudge with white sage (ethically sourced) I know why I’m doing it, and do it in a respectful way to honour those who have gone before me. So pop that in your peace pipe and suck on it. So dear reader I wouldn’t get your knickers in a twist about using bits and bobs from all over the spiritual spectrum. If it works for you, that I doubt very much if the Goddess will mind.

A couple of blogs ago I was ranting on about people not studying and wanting it all handed to them. I have just finished a course at Centre Of Excellence The Paganism Diploma course was what I call a start off course, one to do to get a taste of the subject and a little bit of background knowledge. I would recommend CofE courses. If you join there facebook page, they often publish discount codes that do take a big chunk out of the price. Often a £100+ course you can get for £30 with a code so it’s worth keeping an eye out for them. I’ve now done 12 of there course’s over the last 5 years or so, from Aromatherapy products course to Advance Wicca, Mindfulness based stress management to Journal Therapy. All well worth it and you’ll be surprised how much of it you will use in the your Craft.

Now last weekend I had a little bit of time on my hands so I got a bit busy with the HTV and made up a new hoodie. Many because of the meds I’m on I’m not allowed to get Tattoos, so i make up a sleeve on a sleeve. This is a form of glamour spell. But rather than trying to hide my craft and the essential bits that make me, I put them right up front and out in the open. A form of promotion for us male gay witch’s. The crossed broom sticks are there to represent a special event that’s happened early this year.

Well I’ve gone in for long enough this week. Hope you all have a blessed week, catch you laters witch’s.

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